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Manchester, United Kingdom

Had to give up my international lifestyle as a Jewel Thief, as I kept leaving my DNA everywhere.


Andrew - hi its [...] , prior to that for 6 years i took [...] , which effectively cleared up my skin comp... More »
Rena - What are you using for your new med
Andrew - the new med is [...] its a tnf blocker, ( tumor necrosis factor) predominantly used for arthritis... More »
Sheila - Ha ha made me lol
john,Hulk - i am sorry to hear that andrew. was that the nhs you were dealing with for your meds?i have nothi... More »
john,Hulk - i do hope you get the meds sorted andrew,sounds very frustrating :(
Christine - and if we're a no show, we have to pay!
john,Hulk - i know andrew, i used to have cream that helped now,(discontinued now.) i might aswell be using a... More »
Andrew - oh yes John maybe Axle grease is the way forward, I think it's the only emollient I haven't used,... More »
suzan - It is like I have been covered from head to toe but I have never itched and yet I look on here an... More »
Andrew - In response to Josh my psoriasis started when I was 35, the arthritis kicked in approx. a year la... More »
Gayle - wise words when I cant stop scratching and my clothes are covered in snow and I just want to cry ... More »
Theresa - had mine since i was 6yrs now 53 not really bothered me until i started the change but heho thats... More »
john,Hulk - just glad you got to sleep ok,nothing worse than being tired through pain etc ,being on here dosn... More »
Ragazza - Good sign Andrew....!!!
Jack - Dead man's sleep is the best! Or those naps where you aim to have a quick 30 minute snooze and wa... More »
Mary - I have started using Bluestar ointment, if you have it bad it will sting in the beginning, howeve... More »
Janice - Are you certain it is your psoriasis? A couple of years ago I got cellulitis on my shin and was ... More »
john,Hulk - I have had periods when I have been quite clear years ago,you sort of forget it and enjoy life,th... More »
john,Hulk - yes chocolate would make me smile :) :) :)
john,Hulk - way i see it, if you can walk and see and still do stuff then enjoy life as you only get one life... More »
Ragazza - yeah.... I smile... just came back on my feet after a few days being on my knees. And thinking o... More »
john,Hulk - i have had ibs for a year and half,that was a few years ago,so i am carefull not to eat fatty st... More »
Izzy - I wouldn't stop eating foods just because other people tell me to. Turn it into an experiment. ... More »
maria - All seasons sre the same to me. Terrible flare up at the moment, my legs, backside my back and no... More »
caz - haha its amazing how much skin we lose .i have laminate floors all over the house because of it a... More »
john,Hulk - i would like to know how bad my psoriasis is from a scale from 1 to 10,its not what its cracked u... More »
Ragazza - I got you under my skin... :-))))
Ragazza - Aaaah another one... Beauty goes only skin deep
john,Hulk - i hope the tanning treatment works yvonne, it never worked for me,used to make me itch more then ... More »
yvonne - thank Andrew will let you know how I get on have 34 turns in all have had 10 so far fading patche... More »
Jack - Haha, every Christmas is a white Christmas... with scalp psoriasis!
Jane - Nit comb works very well removing all the plaque after you have washed your hair - not so much fa... More »
CLAUDIA ROBINSOIN - never had any itching but the scalp was a devil...I suffered for years before I realize its was a... More »
Judith - I found prescribed Capasal shampoo did not work at all but TGel does. Also light treatment was fa... More »
Ragazza - Indeed Andrew, totally right about that. And time it looses his effectiveness but then yo... More »
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