Pamela @pamela778

Airdrie, UK

Suffer from depression and anexity and my find it embrassing going to hair dressers because of my Psoriasis got a bad habit of picking ☹


Kirsti goslow - Ive had a very itchy scalp losing hair with small blister type formations.i use baking soda three... More »
Robin - Hello Kristi!
Sue - Try Tri Derma found at Walmart with the psoriasis creams, it works for the itching. No coal tar a... More »
carol - Hi im sorry your suffering with lots of things. Ive tried just about everything which didnt help.... More »
Theresa - I put coconut oil on my scalp wrap it over night and I wash my hair with fifty percent shampoo an... More »
Pat - Some great ideas here. I have found that each case is unique and it is about trial and error tre... More »
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