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Palm Desert, CA, USA

hello I am 46 year old female living with and coping with plaque psoriasis i need help coping with it how to treat triggers


Susan - Hey. What if you try a probiotic with an omega at night. I did that when I was into an MLM compan... More »
Madmum007 - I have been known to sleep with thick gloves on, so when I scratch it's more like a stroke (like ... More »
James - Vaseline spray in moisturiser. Keep it in the fridge then spray all affected areas before you go ... More »
John, THE HULK - Hello Patty, have you thought about elimination diet. diet/lifestyle changes to reduce inflammati... More »
patty - Hi i been thinking that i been searching on pinterst about what not to eat its everything lol
John, THE HULK - Patty , if you can?,ween yourself of packet items, cook fresh, eat plenty of veggies, you can eat... More »
James - I'm having the same problem. I'm waiting to go for uvb treatment but for now, I keep some aerosol... More »
Des - Its totally messy but sudocream might be worth a try.
John, THE HULK - Sorry to hear this Patty, must be hard going through that with itching etc, I remember as a child... More »
Millionways - Good that you get confirmation. Now at least you know what's really going on. Best wishes.
John, THE HULK - Yes its good to know but sorry you have this Patty, what type of of treatment is on the cards fo... More »
Bev - Hoping the dermatologist has been able to help with your itching Patty and the plaque P.
Susan - Hmm patty. I guess it doesn't matter what it is it's still a bother. Hope you can get this anxi... More »
agb - Take care
Michelle - Patty, As per Agb, Meditation is a great way to deal with anxiety as well. I remember my ex husba... More »
Sarah - Hi Patty. It's a tough one with anxiety, as I heard that sometimes the meds for anxiety have inte... More »
Susan - Ditto Michelle. I'm a big believer of getting to the root cause. Psoriasis has a ton to do with... More »
Peter - Be positive, dont let fear rule you, we all try things to help us no matter what it is , stay str... More »
Sarah - Got to be done Patty to get to a better place! Good for you, trying something new to help yoursel... More »
patty - I didn't do the injections my immune system is low iga efficeny so I cant take them bio after all... More »
Michelle - So frustrating Patty. I'm sorry to hear that. How long has it been since they diagnosed you with... More »
patty - Michelle and Sarah yes ive been gong to the derm when I have appointment they say its something e... More »
Sarah - And is that an option you are happy with patty, the injection types of treatment? How frustrating... More »
Heather - Use tea tree oil on your scalp.
Sarah - It is kind of scary for me too patty. I was prescribed immunosurpressants last year and was too s... More »
Michelle - Tea tree oil has been great for me too Patty. I used to mix it with coconut oil, but now I use al... More »
Sarah - It is confusing Patty with all the treatments that are out there. Steroids often come in creams, ... More »
Ellen - Hope all goes well at the doctors.. never used tropical cream on scalp i used oilment which is st... More »
Michelle - Glad it is soothing for you patty! Best of luck at the drs!!
Michelle - Thanx John and I'm glad for you too. The head & shoulders works for me. I've stopped the horse sh... More »
Sarah - Yep me, burning, dryness, itching, flaking, peeling etc etc. It sucks. Mine is much calmer this y... More »
patty - Sarah I was wondering what did u change too eat I have pain with my scalp now the denied my injec... More »
Diana - Hi Patty, sorry to hear you're feeling so bad. I see you're from California, have you tried CBDs ... More »
Rosey - Is a dermatologist script but scalp was sucking the life out if me,tried account overnight,trued ... More »
Rosey - Account= apple cider vinegar haha this phone makes up words
Sarah - I never tried antihistamines for itching patty, do they really work?
patty - yes sometimes sometimes they don't if I have bad anxiety they don't I need to be treated for anxi... More »
Michelle - Hi Patty, I have experienced a lot of anxiety myself this past year. What has really helped me is... More »
Sarah - Hey patty, it's really difficult with anxiety and psoriasis for some people as their medications ... More »
Meryl - I have psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis and have found going on ant anxiety meds helpful . I was... More »
patty - I hate sleeping I have so much anxiety at night I get a lot of flare up on my scalp two more day... More »
Sarah - I think the anxiety about sleeping is just the worst part of insomnia. It's really difficult ment... More »
patty - my itching is caused by my anxiety I have stressandanxiety that plays major itch I tried differen... More »
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