Paul @paul116

Falmouth, UK



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Debbie @debbie651980

Feltham, UK

Introvert, hate being the centre of attention!
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Michael brown @michaelbrown

Texas City, TX, United States

Let make the world a better place
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Jade @jadeeuphemia

Salisbury, UK

Bubbly, fun, also lost and confused! Depression sufferer, psoriasis sufferer,...
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Ekta @Psoitchy
Psorvivor | Fighting flares as an Ayurveda Ninja
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Julia Erica @juliaerica

Davao City, Davao del Sur, Philippines

I’m Julia Erica from Philippines. I had P two years ago. I was so insecure at...
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Bunny @bunny1

Nutley, NJ, USA

I am a 71 year young lady from New Jersey. I am single. I was diagnosed with ...
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kimbo @kimbo

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Itchy but happy!
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Mike @mikeo

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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Sandra @sandra2828

Stradbally, County Laois, Ireland

My Son has Pustular psoriasis 😓 since he was 5 weeks old
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steve @beachbum

Cypress, TX, United States

Recently found something that might have cured my psoriasis. Trying to help ...
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Monuhor @Monzy92

Manchester, United Kingdom

Had psoriasis since 2009. Tried so many different treatment and medicine and ...
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Just Labs @welcometomyworld
a retired dog groomer (over 37 years in the grooming business). Have been rai...
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Simon @simon92

Dover, United Kingdom

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Imre @imre

Somerset West, Cape Town, South Africa

Let the rest of your life be the best of your life
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tmtc @tmtc

Cheyenne, WY, United States

Divorced Mom of 3 grown sons Live with middle son that has some disabilities...
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richard @richardpaine1

Nottingham, UK

im abit cheeky
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