Peter @peter1011

Dublin, Ireland

Don't let it get you down


Sonia - Amazing!
Peter - congrats
Sarah - So fantastic!
john,Hulk - Hello Peter,Thats great news , ah you will be a complete clear skin soon by the sounds of it ,gre... More »
Michelle - Hi Peter. That is great news! I'm happy for you :)
Bev - That's fantastic Peter I'm glad you doing so well
Mishlyn - You're right Peter, so much of p is psychological. Getting out of our heads can be such a battle.... More »
Sarah - I think most people would prefer psoriasis sex to no sex! Hehe! Thanks for sharing this Peter it ... More »
Mishlyn - How exciting Peter! So happy the biologics are working so well & with no side effects, Good for y... More »
Sarah - So chuffed for you Peter. Isn't medical science awesome...
Peter - Hi peter, great news ... I’m thinking of getting the injection or tablets offered by the doctor..... More »
Peter - Hi Peter, Ustakembe or something like that. Don’t have one at moment as I only collect it when ne... More »
Peter - Thanks peter il need to check with my doctor if it’s on the NHS List of medicines... cheers for t... More »
Donna - What is it you are doing ??
Peter - Donna I have just started biologics injection and the immune boost was a tongue in cheek referenc... More »
Sarah - Hehe oo go you Peter! You lucky thing. Hehe and your lucky partner...
Mishlyn - So good to hear Peter! Thanks for sharing! Cheers to the continued smooth sailing!
Sarah - Woo hooo Peter! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
Rosanna - Good for you! I hope you continue to see improvements. I have tried many things over the last 20+... More »
Michelle - Hey Peter, I'm glad that everything is going well with the biologics and that you are so positiv... More »
Mishlyn - Feeling more positive than ever is so great Peter, I am happy to hear it! I have never tried biol... More »
Sarah - In a way "no news is good news"! 😊 Keep us posted, Peter. Change is ahead I'm sure!
Mishlyn - Great to hear you have not had any side effects Peter! I hope you can get some clear results soon... More »
Peter - Hey @mishlyn optimism is my middle name.... It used to be pessimist but I didn't think that was ... More »
Sarah - Yesss Peter that is great! Keeping all fingers and toes crossed for no side effects. I never keep... More »
Peter - It most certainly is sir. After donkey years of creams, tars, baths and covering up I am starting... More »
john,Hulk - I hope so for you Peter,i wish you well :)
Sarah - I am interested! I am sure many will be. Hope you get on well with it Peter, a new route for you!
bernadette - Does alcohol make p worse
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Peter! You are a psoriasis veteran then! You have lots of experience to share w... More »
Peter - It does for me Bernadette. I have tried loads of different diets over the years though and haven’... More »
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