Polyp @polyp

Dartmouth, United Kingdom

Been afflicted about 40 years; leaving a little part of me wherever I go


Sarah - That sounds fantastically soothing, Polyp! Love the thought of a nice chilled cream on the everla... More »
Mishlyn - I have not Polyp, but I have heard many great things about it and its healing properties. . My si... More »
Polyp - Used it with teething infants, it verges on the miraculous sometimes. Going to try it on myself x
Mishlyn - Good Luck! Looking forward to hearing how it works for you! I did a quick search and thought I'd ... More »
Polyp - If anyone is tempted to try tiger balm for the first time, be aware that on delicate parts it can... More »
Sarah - Haha good disclaimer, Polyp! I've heard of this stuff before! Thanks for sharing! May help others.
Polyp - Hope so. It pays to improvise x
Harold - Hey Polyp. I so envy you whenever I see your profile pic. My guitars hang on the wall because the... More »
Polyp - Susan. I'm not saying I have psoriasis, there's nothing I can do about. I accept that it will alw... More »
Polyp - When I describe psoriasis as ' My old friend," I was being ironic xx
sheila - Wow...that sounds lovely !
Geisa - Wow! I am going to try that. Thank you!
Lynn - Wow, that sounds soothing and very relaxing. I only use natural products now since that’s what cl... More »
Mishlyn - and to you also Polyp :) Thank you, Clarity of the body and mind sounds delightful.
Sarah - Thank you Polyp! And you too. 🌍
Deleted account - Thanks Poly and Merry Christmas to you too
Beth - I experienced the absolute magic of music when my husband suffered a massive stroke during a brai... More »
Susan - Wow Beth... Take that memory with you at Christmas... Beautiful!
john,Hulk - sound great polyp :) i love the atmosphere at gigs, not been to one in a long time now, great yo... More »
Deleted account - Avoid dishwashing liquid. Aggravates symptoms
Ellen - I use a mix of Coconut , Olive , Almond & Neem oil on my hair ... The Neem oil has a bad smell ..... More »
Sarah - Grapeseed oil for me Ellen! Take a look at the top bar - there are collected posts on scalp psori... More »
Charlene - [.....] , and black pepper oil, do you get these at the health food store?
Polyp - Balneum I get on prescription, black pepper oil was a gift but I should think a health food shop ... More »
Carol - Works for me. Frankincense oil also helps
Sarah - Hey Polyp! That sounds like an ace weekend. That will no doubt calm your system down no end. Take... More »
Deleted account - Good for you Polyp... I'm glad you got out and jammed out for a bit. Music is such an amazing ... More »
Don - you know..gin and jazz sounds like a great combination... don
Susan - Polyp good for you. I know when I retire I will probably do the same thing. Just chill, say no ... More »
Don - love the name... sounds like you have it all in order. cheers don
Polyp - Not sure I'll ever have it all in order, but I seem, through trial and error, to find something t... More »
Susan - Ahhh. Well said. One day at a time.
Sarah - Welcome back Polyp! Glad to see your post today. It seems there's always more to do when living w... More »
Don - that's deep dude...seriously...crunch on with that vision.. with all respect. don
Mishlyn - I'm sorry to hear about your weekend Polyp. Do you have a good moisturizer to use in between the ... More »
Susan - Polyp all I can suggest is diet changes. So many of us that found healing went that route.
Lorna Penner - After seeing the nurse either tonight or tomorrow night--I will have more to share about products... More »
john,Hulk - hello susan, i think it helps,i did look into it and on the net,there was proff of turmeric helpi... More »
john,Hulk - proof, dam keyboard and i got to find my glasses, :)
Sarah - Yep me! I make turmeric tea every other day, 2 servings so I take it daily. I do it as part of ot... More »
Brenda/joy - I use melatonin it really helps, me
Brenda/joy - As I have gotten older it has gotter harder to sleep so the doctor recommend melatonin you have ... More »
Polyp - Thank you Brenda. I'm seeing a doctor tomorrow, I'll mention it to her.
Sarah - Oo and yes me too I get whole body "prickling" thing. Not just the plaques / guttate spots
Marg - I was going to try just a ginger water recipe I came across but am thinking I would like to try S... More »
Sarah - Sure I do 2 heaped tsp turmeric powder, 1 tsp cinnamon powder, maybe 7 or 8 cardamom pods (bashed... More »
Timo - Hi Polyp. I, too, have a large percentage of coverage right now. About 40+%. Had a stroke last... More »
Cheryl - I know the feeling, im about 85% covered just because of a season change.😖
Mishlyn - Hi Polyp, I think it's great you wanting to make your own cream :) I make my own as well and it t... More »
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