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Bristol, United Kingdom


james - I might give quercetin capsules a try, but like you already eat it in apple and red onions daily ... More »
Michelle - Love tomatoes but avoid them like crazy. Apple and red onions are soft on my skin but nightshades... More »
Mishlyn - Thats so great it worked quickly for you James! I have tried antihistamines at different points a... More »
john,Hulk - Thanks james, i do let my hair down every week for one night, i go to pub and eat what ever usual... More »
james - With my low carb diet changes I also can get away with a free bad night. But only the one, as lon... More »
Sarah - I'm doing diet experiments too James, with the Autoimmune Protocol. I've been through the strict ... More »
Mishlyn - Hi James, great to see you found us here! Looking forward to hearing about your journey 😊 I have ... More »
Jessica - Weclome to Flaym James!
Sarah - Welcome James! Absolutely, we'll love to get your experience! And share ours...
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