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I don’t have P but my 13 yr old son does. I’m so grateful to have found this site in my quest to help him!


Vickie - So happy for you. I did the same 5 months ago nd had the same results. If only I could get rid ... More »
psomom - Sorry to hear about the pain. Is it from psoriatic arthritis? Could there be a different bio tha... More »
Vickie - Dr. s putting me on a new one hopefully that one will do the trick. Just have to wait for the in... More »
Dakeyras - You know what lass...your call and you are doing the best for your son. My sincere best wishe... More »
psomom - Thanks all. He starts in 10 days. I’ll keep you posted with results!
Clint - Best wishes for him
psomom - Yes seems like it’s the most commonly used natural treatment.
Rosey - Yeah it's cheap an effective in way s,I can smell it on me so guess others can ,it's not a nice ... More »
Michelle - Lol psomom, that's the first thing we will think but hey, we are not alone. Sounds like an alien ... More »
Rosey - Though u went to bio therapy for him?,
john,Hulk - I hope so psomom, i wish him and you well :)
psomom - Thanks John. Rosey we decided at the last minute to try the light therapy first. Hoping it will ... More »
Susan - Oh dear. Yes. Kids can make life difficult some times. If you have to go that route, then you ... More »
psomom - Thanks Susan. I too hope that in his future he follows the path I have tried to lead him on. I ... More »
Sarah - You have to go the route you feel is best and at times like that, the options get narrow. Fantast... More »
Rosey - Was going to use finding,apparenty great results after 2 mths,but now read about fossil powder? A... More »
Sarah - Mine always gets worse during onset of illness so this is interesting, thank you!
Clint - A local bee 🐝 keeper here would make a skin cream here that was working for me check the internet... More »
psomom - Thanks all. Clint that’s a great idea. I will look for something. I’ve tried everything to make ... More »
Sarah - Coxing oil isn't my favourite on scalp either for the same reasons. In fact I don't like using an... More »
psomom - My plan is to do a short blast and ween off slowly, meanwhile doing the coconut oil and hoping to... More »
Rosey - Well 2 application s of d cream cured my scalp,I swear,just use coal tar shampoo now,and scalp cl... More »
john,Hulk - Good for you Rosey, That should give you more positivity to hopefully get the rest sorted ,I got... More »
Robin - Try a lotion for the scalp and a smooth shampoo. Iam using hemp&Co works for me
Sarah - Love Aveeno
psomom - I’ve heard lots of great things about Aveeno. Trying their skin cream now.
psomom - Thanks Rosey. We have 4 weeks before the derm, so I am researching our prescription options we ca... More »
Susan - Psomom I am a lucky one I guess. I have many autoimmune dis-eases so really within 24 hours I kn... More »
psomom - I hear you Susan. I’ve been listening to lots of meditations on YouTube. Definitely helpful mana... More »
Michelle - When I had P on my scalp I dyed my hair and it disappeared. Now I sometimes wash my hair with a l... More »
Jen - Perhaps just try a different scalp treatment shampoo and conditioner. No nightshades is great. ... More »
john,Hulk - Support means a lot with this,many people dont get that , you are a great mum psomom, wish i had ... More »
Bev - Hi It's Susan@godcares
psomom - I was getting frustrated and found some other forums, but wow there are some very aggressively an... More »
john,Hulk - Hello psomom,Yes thats true , i been many sites too, they are not like here at all,yes we cover e... More »
Michelle - I've seen the other sites too. Its quite messy if I can put it like that. Everyone talk over each... More »
James - I'm using it now but right now, my head is the only place I don't have P, well, other than behind... More »
Sarah - For me, within a few weeks...
psomom - Thanks James and Sarah. It’s hard to know how long to spend trying new things!
psomom - Good to note about the face and UV. New spots a cropping up all over. I was feeling like we were ... More »
john,Hulk - Sounds good psomom, i hope your son will get good results from diet/lifestyle changes, it does ta... More »
Michelle - Psomim, sorry to hear about this and you're doing a great job by not panicking. Think back what y... More »
Michelle - always John. I'm surprised that after all these years of having wine, my P never flared up becaus... More »
Sarah - Not me!
Elio - Tried it! Didn’t like it.
Julia - I wonder where do you buy a UV comb??? maybe on Amazon
Lynn - pso any chance was your son on anti-biotics lately? reason I ask, when my son (who also ... More »
psomom - Sorry to hear that Lynn. I know that strep is a common cause or trigger for glutate. Not sure abo... More »
Mishlyn - Oh no.. sorry to hear this! I hope his recovery can be quick! Hopefully his cuts can stay p free.... More »
Sarah - I don't get psoriasis on cuts psomum...
psomom - Oh that’s great Sarah. Unfortunately he has gotten one before. But at the time we didn’t know wh... More »
Ats - Continue t gel for months,I applied on p marks as well
Sarah - I would tend to agree with trying one thing for a while and then seeing what helps. You can find ... More »
psomom - Wow that’s awesome!
psomom - Thanks John, the diet will be very tricky to change but I will work at it slowly. Hopefully supp... More »
john,Hulk - Yes i know its not easy but ,sounds like you are doing well with him,Lucky to have a mother like... More »
psomom - Thanks John, I meant MEDITATION video game lol
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