Jack @psoriasisblob

London, UK

It was when a homeopathist told me to drink snake venom, because I shed skin "like a snake", that I knew I had to look at other options. Just a normal 28-year-old flaker sharing his journey on www.psoriasisblob.com


Rosanna - I don't think I could do the bleach bath, guess it would depend on how desperate I felt. I have ... More »
Nan195 - Bleach causes a flare up of my P Jack as well as any detergents. I add coconut oil to my sensiti... More »
Margo - Avocados are OK. I love them.
Meaghan - Mine is just behind my left ear! Everything else has magically cleared up within the past couple ... More »
Fatima - Need some tips please
Fatima - Mine is on my left leg . Just won’t go away the itching driving me crazy
Jack - Exactly Susan. Plus, scars always make for good stories. Or in my case really stupid stories (i.e... More »
Susan - Jack that poor kid. How was his tooth... LOL. Just kidding. I've got a few life scars too!
Jack - Haha his tooth was surprisingly resilient. My head suffered most of the damage in that encounter.
Liz - Hi jack I have many my skin fine your body you do what you want only you live inyour skin
paul - i wouldn't risk it.
Laura - I have 3 tattoos and it healed great and didn’t effect my psoriasis one bit my tattooist said I c... More »
Alan - Luckily we mostly brew IPAs!
Dean - I'm a chef so drinking is part of the game all I can say is slap on loads of creams to counteract... More »
Deleted account - Yes! I even went as far as to cut up the peel in to small squares and wrap in cling film to keep ... More »
Deleted account - Claire you definitely had a weirdo doc there, especially as you were only 13 at the time *cringe*.
Sabrina - Claire that's awful. Hope you were able to change doctors. I wouldn't want that one!
Kay - Mr* sorry haha
paul - he had it baddddddddddddd
Mrsjonesjnr - Ha ha, we would be a perfect match right now!!!😂
Jack - Haha, don't worry, P doesn't hold me back from getting gum! It's more like when you catch som... More »
Sandysandy - Hi jack I no to well how that feels .....I once went into asda and the girl who was serving was s... More »
john,Hulk - i would say yes i will have one thankyou, with my psoriatic hand reaching out to to take the gum... More »
paul - i always wear long sleeve t shirts,i get fed up with people asking if iv'e scolded myself.
Josh - Get them elbows out! I know I will be!
Jack - So far 80% in favour of letting those flakes breathe. Haha, I'll try. Maybe if I dump half my moi... More »
john,Hulk - hello amanda, i live not too far away from london at around 70 miles also,the summer is good if ... More »
Jack - I'm actually based overseas for work at the moment Amanda! Hometown is London but I've been trave... More »
Alan - I've noticed a definite deterioration in skin tone with lack of sleep, if I miss a night my face ... More »
Ghulam Mohd Dar - Sabrena! you are right about wine, but people still take it.
Joni - You can't take my pizza away!
Psoriatic4good - I can't eat too many pizza slices, 2-3 of a large one, but that's it. On the other hand I can ... More »
Jack - Apparently Millefeuille means 'a thousand layers' - that's pretty cool.
john,Hulk - ah ,wasnt there a film with prunella scales as the mother of jonathon flakes and the theme tune s... More »
vivien - Yes a English series call The Singing Detective.
john,Hulk - some get psoriatic arthritis before the psoriasis :)
Nicola - I had PA in my right knee,which clicked liked anything going up stairs, and did no always hurt bu... More »
Nan195 - Mine is two small patches, one on a right hand knuckle and on a left hand side of a finger. I fe... More »
Jessica - Do you use straight veggies?? I suck at veggie smoothies. I can only tolerate fruit but I add kal... More »
Jack - Nah that would be horrible haha. I normally use spinach/any dark leafy greens I have, stuff a few... More »
John - This morning's nutribullet concoction: spinach, avocado, celery, cucumber and beetroot. As foul a... More »
Jack - DNA trail squad ;)
Frances - So true we could never pull off a bank job😃
Rebecca - Yeah we would leave a trail for the fantastic five to follow 😂
Gerard - I know how u feel bro had a few beers sat night im redder than a baboons bum today woe is me😡
Tracy - Hi Jack, I've read your blog before and appreciate the resource! What sort of diet regimen do you... More »
Jack - Haha, know how you feel mate. Beer sets me off bad! Thanks Tracy, glad to hear you like it! Wh... More »
paul - hope you didn't drop any flakes of skin on your popcorn.
Pam - hey Jack...please let me know if the movie was as good as Trainspotting #1 xxx
Jack - Hey Pam. It's definitely not on the same level, but nothing could come close to Trainspotting 1 w... More »
connon - Jack, play by the rules! you're only allowed 7 letters at a time!
Bill Chesters - instead of using an S try a Z
Glenn - Wait... 9 letters... You would get the use all tiles bonus. The board would have to be just right... More »
Jessica - haha awww! this is the saddest but funniest thing I have read
Jack - Haha, the struggle is real Jessica!
Jessica - I hear you! Thats why I don't have a lock on my phone haha
Ragazza - Almond oil??? 1 Valentine's night and you can trow away your matress. Ok let's buy some rubber sh... More »
Alan - Go the whole fifty shades and invest in a blindfold! Or get a partner that just understands!
Irene - Lol Jack I needed to hear that, thanks for the laugh
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