Jack @psoriasisblob

London, UK

It was when a homeopathist told me to drink snake venom, because I shed skin "like a snake", that I knew I had to look at other options. Just a normal 28-year-old flaker sharing his journey on www.psoriasisblob.com


john,Chewweeeeee - i hope i havnt offended you jeanette, i dont want to upset anyone,the post was regarding myself a... More »
Jeanette - No offence taken John !!!!
MaryJane - mine started on knees and elbows-I was around 12-now it is all over-nothing has really worked for... More »
paul - my wife has to hoover the bedroom carpet every day,she calls it my crackling.
Lucy - That's why I know there's no chance I'm getting away with murder 😉 Damn! Ahh well I'll have to fi... More »
Jack - Thanks for the love yall. Haha Paul, crackling. I have read stories about some people eating thei... More »
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