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It all started on my scalp at the age of 12... never knowing what it was I treated it as dandruff and just about 3 years that it spread to my body. It began with tiny red patches that later on grew and became scaly. Diagnosis is Psoriasis.


Ruben - Hello psoriasisvictim, I take supplements, but those don't work immediately. Vitamine D and tumer... More »
Susan - psoriasisvictim I don't think climate is a big deal, but that's me. I live in BC Canada and we h... More »
Sarah - So sorry your flares are terrible... I only know the UK climate. I'd like to get more natural lig... More »
CLAUDIA ROBINSOIN - I suffer from psoriasis...which was triggered by stinging while body was covered and ... More »
Michelle - Hi Claudia. Since I've changed my diet I did not get an itch or inflammation. Air pollution is al... More »
leanne78 - I find dying my hair actually helps,ye it stings when dye is first applied but then I’m used to t... More »
Sarah - A few people mention this! There is a theme in the themes section about psoriasis and mood swings... More »
Mishlyn - I have experienced mood swings through out the years. Especially when my skin was severe. The inc... More »
Nola - I found cutting down on sugar helped a lot
Susan - Debbie, Trudy and aourdou I have sent you private messages.
Sarah - Great that you want to focus on seeing if this can make a difference for you! I'm on the autoimmu... More »
psoriasisvictim - Thank you Phil... I'll do my best to live it out!!
Ruben - Hello, welcome to Flaym! I take turmeric and vitamine d tablets, but also add turmeric whereve... More »
Sarah - Dating is really hard when confidence with p is low... Check out the themes section for posts on ... More »
psoriasisvictim - Oh great..thanks John. My one goes and comes all the time.. I've been diagnosed with psoriasis ov... More »
john,Hulk - i know that feeling pv, good news is,you are not alone here, i am a lifer since birth 48 years no... More »
Sarah - Never say never, psoriasisvictim! It may leave you alone one day...
psoriasisvictim - Thanks.. I'll give Ave enough a try!!
Mishlyn - I didn't find it stung much although I expected it to. What I felt was quite mild compared to the... More »
Eve - Same here, especially when wearing jeans so I tend to wear softer baggier clothes
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