oz @psowhatnow

London, United Kingdom

20-something year-old flaker Learning to live and cope with psoriasis, one flake at a time ❄ 💪 2 years strong Feel free to drop me a message for a chat :)


Nan195 - Hi Oz, not seen that here I’m SA. Have s happy Monday and a good week 🌹
oz - Interesting, It's those 500g/ml cylinder shaped emollient cream tubs? Thanks anyway Nan, have a l... More »
Sarah - I've never mixed any together but I think cycling what you use can be good as somehow you seem to... More »
Sarah - Great to see you're finding some hope in this new treatment - hope it continues onwards and upwards!
richard - CBD flower extract capsules..RSO
Deleted account - Mine seemed worse at first but clear now
steven - how long have you been on uvb theraphy and is it working for you
oz - Appreciate the support everyone. Had 3 more UVB visits since this post, one visit with the same e... More »
Cindy - Sorry oz you didn't get a good result, but just remember some things work for some and not for ot... More »
Cindy - Hi oz, just curious to what immuno suppressant your taking? and how it's working for you, as I'm ... More »
Janice - Hi Ragazza, yes I get lots of small pustules that itch like mad and eventually turn brown and fad... More »
Dave - I only have psoriasis on and between my toes and on the top of my feet close to the toes.
oz - Hello everyone, thanks for commenting. Thought it would be interesting to make a visual of everyo... More »
john,Hulk - good, i hope as we all i hope find it a great help here, i have learnt so much over the months,a ... More »
Mickg48 - Are aussie if so I use emu oil moisterizer chaep at big w about $8 for a litre use morning and ni... More »
Rodparis - Agree. Even if there's no cure, we can at least commiserate or laugh of some the things we have t... More »
kashi - I stopped using all my creams and only using Vaseline these days , it's been a month now n I can ... More »
TMC - It's frustrating that different people have different reactions to treatments so you cannot reall... More »
Cindy - Hi oz, mine has a mind of its own..doesn't matter what I do or don't do it rules me😡
Cheryl - I have learned more from being on this forum than in the many years I tried to deal with Psor on ... More »
john,Hulk - hello oz,yes i have learnt a lot here,there wasnt that many when i first came here and now theres... More »
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