Irene @queenelle66

York, England, UK

I call my husband Beauty and me the Beast! As I said in the eyes of God I am beautiful and I am beautiful at heart!❤


Claire - Rita - do you burn easily? I generally wear long sleeves and a hat when I'm outside or I'll be pi... More »
Alexander Bruce - Hi Rita I hit the beach before the sun is up and sunbathe all day I don't use any sunscreen but I... More »
Rita - You’re so lucky Alexander to be close to a beach! Salt water is the best. I’m near a lake so not ... More »
Irene - Life must go on .. Cov19 is more dangerous tho .. I will take care my self to take care the o... More »
Laura - Like positive posts. I am about the same
Irene - I agree acceptance may help tho :)
wayne - I could easily love you :)
Alexander Bruce - we have to learn to accept our condition and learn to live with
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