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Rachael - Yes I've heard the same Sarah, but that exactly my plan, get it under control and find a longer t... More »
Sarah - That'll be amazing for you Rachael. Yes, I've tried loads of creams for plaque p over 21 years of... More »
Catherine - I had light therapy 2yrs ago ..worked really well on the palms of my hands ...and they are still ... More »
Rachael - I went shopping before I managed to check this post and picked up the wash, the lotion and the mi... More »
Mishlyn - Let us know how it works for you Rachael! Good Luck! :D
Sarah - That's ace, Rachael. Hope you love it as much as I do. That stuff is amazing. I need to get more,... More »
Rachael - Thank you every one! I think I might try it even just for a few minutes every couple of weeks, I ... More »
Lorna Penner - Racheal are you on any meds for "P" ? or are you using any creams? medicated or natural over t... More »
Sarah - That sounds great, Rachael, soak up those rays baby!
steve - Being from India, is there a lot of turmeric in you diet?
Cheryl - Definitely try the dietary suggestions even some of them - for me reducing bread and nightshades ... More »
steve - I still eat my homemade sourdough bread.
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