Rachel @rachwl

Teignmouth, UK

Im 24 years old, I have mild aspergers syndrome. I love to treated like everyone else either though sometimes I may act differently to others. Im very sensitive. I love photography and caring for people


Sadik - I won't mind to be your comfort when ever you want to talk, i will be here.
Carolyn Modesty - Carolyn here and my usual psoriasis
Rosey - Depends on treatment, no instant curative measures some take time hey, was amazed after trying on... More »
Rachel - This is true. I feel better but I think my skin should look better as it feels
Rosey - We live with our skin defects, we have too, I covered up when bad, now arms bad again and not co... More »
Peter - i hope you get something to help
Rachel - Yeah I still have them very small but harmless
john,Hulk - Okay, well its good your eyes are okay, thats something Rachel :)
Clint - Awesome bright lights😍
Kathryn - Yes ive got lots of those crazy little sqiggly annoying floaters. There a pain. Im not suprised t... More »
Jen - Yes I get them too. Optometrist said its debris floating around. Cant remember what from....arter... More »
Rachel - Thanks everyone. I have health anxiety because of my psoriasis which by the way is getting much b... More »
Ats - You are so lucky
john,Hulk - Theres a lot of flakers near me but none comment on here etc so, theres no chance a flake united ... More »
Sarah - I have got stubborn areas that have never yet cleared, when other areas have cleared successfully... More »
Tom - Well done!
Susan - Rachel no other way, in my opinion, but to do life. Live it! It's really tough without a doubt ... More »
Jen - Very well said Susan I totally agree👍 it's not always easy but it really does make life easier if... More »
Clint - Epic responses Susan can throw down with the best of them.😎
Peter - Great to hear it went well hope it works out
john,Hulk - I wish all the best Rachel,hopefully all will be better by september for you :)
Sarah - That's fab Rachel, really pleased you thought it went well. So often these appointments are disap... More »
Clint - Any improvement is a blessing
Mishlyn - Sounds like a good meeting your attending Rachel! I hope they can provide some good insight! Real... More »
Sarah - Hi Rachel! Good to see you. For me it has always helped having a short term plan and a long term ... More »
Chris - Accept , had my legs out as well today #getyourskinout on Instagram they are there in all there p... More »
Michelle - Hi Rachel. At least you said "it looked a BIT ugly" and not "ITS HORRENDOUS!" That is a start by ... More »
Susan - Rachel I think it's much more than positive. I think it's more about the overall love of ourselv... More »
Ruben - Same here, me happy -> skin happy :)
Sarah - I think when I feel happiest I dwell on my skin less. I don't worry about what it is doing or how... More »
Catherine - I think when I'm happy or doing something I love I just forget to worry about my skin is don't ... More »
Sarah - It can be hard to meet people in real life in the modern world!I guess it is worth thinking about... More »
Susan - Rachel I went on a dating site. LOTS of weirdo's and men wanting one night stands. Not my style... More »
john,Hulk - I always found, it happens when you dont look for it, best things come to those that wait i say, :)
Mishlyn - Are you using the same thing on both your legs and arms Rachel? Happy its improving for you, hope... More »
Sarah - That's great that the steroids are helping! They helped me too in the past, short term. It's also... More »
Clint - Please try lemon 🍋 read what I wrote
Kevin - Doctors gave me steroids for years I found it helped for a couple of weeks but would come back an... More »
Rachel - Oh ok. Yeah this seems to be common for most people Ive heard were put on steroid medication then... More »
Mishlyn - That's great Rachel! Always so nice to find relief. Good for you with the changes you are making... More »
Afikile - Ey Michhyyy
Afikile - Friends we are Rachel from South Africa
Catherine - Hi Rachel .. I'm in England but in the very rainy north west .. hope you find friends locally . I... More »
Susan - Oh Catherine. I sure hope things change for you. Maybe the elimination diet might help. I'm 56... More »
Catherine - You're right .. I have become far too comfortable bring alone and I don't actually go out these d... More »
Catherine - I hope things work out with this new guy . He sounds nice and willing to take it slow .. courting... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Rachel, I have never used ice pack,but it sounds like it would be soothing when our skin gets ... More »
Ruben - I love my aloë vera gel. It cools and numbs at the same time.
Sarah - Yes I find cold water soothing on my scalp! And putting creams in the fridge is really soothing t... More »
Rachel - I find crying healthy and lets go of all those bad feelings
George - It’s okay to cry Rachael, it’s also okay to smile, to hope, to believe, to love, this is not life... More »
Lindakay1948 - I get a lot of Fun from playing and being with my four dogs and when I am looking and feeling rea... More »
john,Hulk - Lots of salad no tomatoes or peppers. and some pear and melon with blueberries to follow, i mix n... More »
Rachel - Thank you, yes I need more greens in my diet definatly. I feel lighter as well not so tired or fu... More »
Mishlyn - Good for you Rachel! If you look at Pinterest or even google Mason Jar Salads; they have a lot of... More »
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