Ragazza @ragazza

I offend some people here because I'm happy. I like it!!!!


Deleted account - It's a sore, and dog's esp. can detect those in us and will go too them, My puppy always lick my ... More »
Cristian - Ciao..sei di torino per caso?
Margo - I had a patch on the back of my neck once. My little dog was sitting on the back of the couch an... More »
George - please let me know who the new treatments go for you I am very interested in finding something ne... More »
Ragazza - Hi George... it took me about a year to come back here. Last year in March I got the Flue...and ... More »
john,Hulk - Hello Ragazza, its been a long time since i seen you here , welcome back :) glad your psoriasis ... More »
john,Hulk - hello mike thanks, I don't have a problem with anyone on here. I do want positivity as we all do,... More »
Mishlyn - John, I am so proud of how far you have come in these 10 months!! Great Job! You are very inspiri... More »
Izzy - Don't do light therapy to the point you are burning yourself. You have to work your way up so you... More »
gary - is uvb the stand up sun bed treatment?
Ragazza - @ Gary Yes the UVB without medication. I'm now at 6 minutes and 35 seconds. Still have the bu... More »
Chris - The uvb does hurtt a little - buttt the overall course was really effective for me five years ago... More »
Mandy - i was out shopping when i had a very bad itch on my private areas ,,, omg i was digging holes in ... More »
Pam - to Chris...I have used the Leprosy story too haha but I have to admit that I did not always tell ... More »
Gerard sweeney - Where I work two of the lads have psorissis as well they are worse than me a lot of patches on le... More »
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