Rains @rains

Manor, TX, United States

42 year old hispanic male I dont know any one else with psoriasis feel so alone sometimes.


carol - I actually do better in cooler weather. Had heat stroke once and cannot tolerate sun or heat. I... More »
Rosie - It’s the same for me. I plan on buying thick thermal tights and comfory jumpers
john,Hulk - Hello Rains, Yes i am well thank you,Hope you are well too? :)
Rains - As good as i will get
Michelle - Hi Rains. Some of you might suffer from the cold but here in South Africa Johannesburg its 34 deg... More »
Sarah - What's up Rains! Pretty good right now! And you? ✨✨✨
Rains - Doing good thanks
john,Hulk - Feeling nackerd,I feel as battered as a sausage, glad you are doing good Rains :)
john,Hulk - Hello rains, been a while, hows things ? thanks
Sarah - Hi Rains! Welcome back, good to see you!
Heather - Hi there. So good to know I don't suffer alone. .
Deleted account - All good thanks Rains.
john,Hulk - hello rains not bad thank you , hope you are okay? thanks
Mishlyn - Hi Rains :) I used to use t gel on my body with a sponge in my severe days. I found it helpful. ... More »
Bren - Same here Rains :/ I only knew one person and she moved away ... we all have each other here don’... More »
Sarah - Yes I don't think I know anyone in person that has psoriasis either. But so much support here on ... More »
john,Hulk - ibet theres quite a few close to you maybe living around the corner rains,we seem to be good at h... More »
...feeling sad Rains @rains

Sarah - Hi Rains, sorry to hear you're sad. Reach out!
Susan - Chin up Rains... All is going to be ok...
Susan - Rains I love buying new socks. Why do you need to get new ones?
john,Hulk - me too, i have the simpsons on mine aswell as others with christmas decor etc,
john,Hulk - hello rains,i am not itchy thankfully nowadays,when i first came here 8 months or so ago, i had j... More »
Mishlyn - Hello Rains! I hope you are well!!
Tee - Yup since i was 27
Susan - Each and every one of had it, have it, struggle or don't struggle. We are a support system in ev... More »
Steve - Yep going on 40yrs. for me, welcome to the club!
Mishlyn - Great job Rains! Sometimes it's hard but when we can push through there is such a great feeling o... More »
Mishlyn - Hey Rains, Hope you are doing well and your skin is being kind to you! :)
Mishlyn - I hope you have a better day tomorrow Rains.
Ronda - Rain is the worst for the pain :(
Rains - Thanks
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