Raquel @raquel1

Dade City, FL, United States

I've always been a strong person. And I love my sons. They are what keeps going.


Sarah - Oh Raquel, so sad I'm so sorry 💜
Raquel - Thank u. It's nice to have new caring friends 💗
Mishlyn - So sorry for your loss Raquel ❤ sending Love & Hugs your way.
Sarah - Could be a good idea to let your husband tell you whether you're still the person he fell in love... More »
Susan - Raquel have you tried the elimination diet to find out your trigger foods. I can send it to you ... More »
Ruben - Hey Raquel, welcome to Flaym! If you want support or info, you're in the right spot. As alread... More »
Mishlyn - Great to hear that your nose and forehead are clear Raquel & your hairline is halfway there, that... More »
Cherie - Good to hear. I have been using Moo Goo scalp treatment and shampoo and conditioner. I have gone... More »
Sarah - That's ace, Raquel! Only another halfway to go, but if you've got the idea of what works for you,... More »
Sarah - Hi Raquel! I had a whole foot of terrible toenails until about 2 years ago. I had them for around... More »
Sophia - Hi, I am new here. I have been suffering with P on my finger nail beds. Sometimes my finger tips ... More »
Jen - Hi Rachel I have a friend who had nail fungus not pso. He used acv and fresh garlic. Either dab... More »
Susan - I don't really know Bren. I would just google it. I have never eaten it as it's kind of slimy a... More »
Jackie - Yes you can eat aloe Vera plant. Just not too much of the outside green of the leaf as it has a l... More »
Susan - Thanks Jackie for that information. I always knew about being able to ingest it but not more tha... More »
cyn - i love jeans and long sleeves and skullies so i can cover most of the time without question. mis... More »
Sarah - I've felt like this a lot of years but find that this year I am waiting in the wings to get my sk... More »
Mishlyn - Happy New Year Raquel 😊 Enjoy!! I have enjoyed all of the holiday treats myself, my body is look... More »
Sarah - Best thing to do, focus on the love, not the flares! HNY, Raquel.
Timo - Happy New Year, everyone. Hope everyone got to let their hair down a little.
Sarah - Hi Raquel, this is something a lot of Flaymers have thought about, me included sometimes! Check o... More »
Deleted account - I don't understand tats at all, isn't Sons of Anarchy over ;-)
Jakub - I had psoriasis on my elbows for like 2 years, then it went away. I've tattooed both arms (with e... More »
steve - Try water kefir with ginger and turmeric juice in the second ferment. If you google fermented tu... More »
Cherie - Coconut oil on the scalp. Also Moo Goo has a great skin range available at the chemist and online... More »
Sarah - Yeowwwch Raquel. Do you have any porridge oats at home? Stick some in a sock and make it into a b... More »
Sarah - Yes psoriasis can so often change the way people feel about their looks. It's really tough if you... More »
Raquel - Thanks everybody. Sarah on my days off no make up and lots of oils on my body and scalp. Still tr... More »
Sarah - Aren't we all Raquel! 😁
Don - so do i...but I wear them around the house all the time. as it's a very mild December in Ontario... More »
Susan - Raquel I am absolutely a Spring, Summer, Fall woman! If it's warm where you live, put the shorts... More »
Susan - Ah will21... You know I don't buy everything on google. I prefer my own knowledge that's in me w... More »
Deleted account - It's the BBC , it has to be true ;-)
Sarah - Those hair flakes are not easy to hide... when having flare ups on the scalp I found in the past ... More »
Ruth - Hi Raquel. How did you get rid of your flare ups? I am still struggling with mine ..
Sarah - Hi Raquel, glad to hear your flare ups are under control! I posted a few days ago about a similar... More »
Susan - Mine have been gone for a long time but the scars linger. Sun, aloe vera.
Susan - If money is an issue where you live then I guess this site is a Godsend to you. So many ways to ... More »
john,Hulk - hello raquel, sorry to hear this,seems a big cost for psoriasis in the states, if you dont mind m... More »
Peggy - If you contact the company that makes the meds you need a lot of them have programs that help you... More »
Susan - Raquel all I can say is "out of the mouths of babes"... :)
john,Hulk - babys and children say things without malice,say things how they see things,dont take it to heart... More »
Susan - Raquel the more you walk tall and proud of who you are the easier it will get. Stares are pretty... More »
Mishlyn - Well Done Raquel! 😀 Susan nailed it with walk tall and proud! Let your light shine 💖
Sarah - That's so awesome
michael - Be kind to yourself and watch the stress levels, it will level out. good luck
Raquel - Thanks
Sarah - Sorry to hear that Raquel. Especially after having clear scalp that's frustrating. Maybe you can ... More »
john,Hulk - sorry about my typing ,think my keys stick?,some changes in lifestyle are better than none, but, ... More »
Mishlyn - Well done Raquel! I'm so happy to hear that! :D
Sarah - Thats so great Raquel!
Deleted account - It's ruff but the more you stress yourself the worst it might get. Embrace the burden and attack ... More »
Sarah - If it's any comfort there are lots of us here going through the same thing, we're in this together
Mishlyn - Hi Raquel, We are here for you. Whenever I am having a bad day I try to focus on all that I am g... More »
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