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Toronto, ON, Canada

Been on a search and destroy mission against psoriasis since '94. No biologics, biosimilars or messy creams - only natural remedies. Videos posted weekly on YT.


Susan - Great video. I heard a quote years ago. I was an avid gym goer. If it's not sustainable then d... More »
Ruben - Hey RSE, will check it out this evening (noon here now...) and like it ;)
Ramsudani - I wanna work out, but I am too embarrassed to go to the gym because of P. I have it on my arms, h... More »
Susan - Thanks RSE... I love your you tube video's and I am a HUGE supporter of anyone who steps out. I ... More »
RedSpotEliminator - I'm sure they are - but their YT names might be different from their Flaym names so it's hard to ... More »
Ruben - I have subscribed :)
Mishlyn - Unreal! Wow. Very disappointing. Will be signing. ..but will pass on the pimple popping! Lol.
Sarah - My view, I think this is disgusting and I'm outraged that anyone could see psoriasis as "obscene"... More »
Simon - I have been helping spread the word on this too. It is certain psoriasis hashtags they blocked ra... More »
Susan - Another good video. Some I agree with some I don't. But... I always give feedback and love gett... More »
Ruben - Will check it out today! Keep up the great work!
Bev - Good Video RSE
john,Hulk - fantastic red spot :) :)
Mishlyn - That is awesome RSE! Soak it right up and enjoy!! :D Well Done!! :)
Susan - RSE it is like getting a super charged shot! Kind of a validation of the direction you are headi... More »
Susan - I look forward to it. Might help me in the process too financially. I love your video's and you... More »
Mishlyn - I enjoyed your video RSE :) I love your dedication to empowering people with Psoriasis the natura... More »
Sarah - Go RedSpot!
Mishlyn - It can be greasy RSE. I am trying to find a good ratio of the beeswax to help reduce it. I wait a... More »
Sarah - I love your natural experiments, Michelle! 🍃
Mishlyn - Thanks Sarah! It is Fun 😊 one of these days I will find the perfect mix, lol
RedSpotEliminator - Hi Dali - I don't think its a diet thing - my legs and front upper body are completely clear. An... More »
Sarah - Hi RSE we're a cornflour family here too. I use it to keep places dry, for myself and my babies' ... More »
Stacy - Gonna try the cornflour myself never taught of it ... the baby powder seems to perfumed ... there... More »
Ruben - Great video again! Those numbers are eyeopeners... I'm lucky to have found my way to Flaym.
Susan - RSE Holy Cow! Another great video! I share them to my facebook page. I really didn't know abou... More »
Jeanette - Have you had an allergy test? It sorted me out. No doctor tells you this.. Good luck
Mishlyn - I absolutely agree with your video. I think we all need to be treated as individuals as we all kn... More »
Sarah - How cool to have your own YouTube channel!
RedSpotEliminator - Thanks for all your comments! My next video is going to substantiate my claim by using surveys, ... More »
steve - Regarding alcohol, the jury is still out for me. As kombucha contains alcohol and since I use lo... More »
Susan - Steve I think when you get your gut health and general health better then alcohol should not be a... More »
steve - Yep, I agree. I don't really worry too much about what I eat, I just watch quantity and timing n... More »
Mishlyn - Sounds like a good read! Thanks for sharing. I will have a peak before bed,. I wish I could have ... More »
RedSpotEliminator - Yes, same here. You drink to forget about your psoriasis all while making it much worse by the t... More »
Mishlyn - I should really think about this as well. I didn't think about having my blood tested to see what... More »
Carol - About 2 months ago my doctor after reading my blood results told me to start taking one Vitamin D... More »
Rita - 1,000 IU is an insufficient amount for a fellow Canadian! If your vitamin D level is low, which i... More »
Ruben - Hey Susan, I'm from Belgium, not everyone in France has wine everyday :) But I'm sure they consum... More »
Susan - Ruben that's funny. I guess beer is kind of universal. Lot's of beer gets consumed here too. I... More »
Ruben - Hey Susan, France is probably still wine capitol of the world, but a lot of countries produce gre... More »
RedSpotEliminator - Hi Otto - click on my name and at the bottom underneath the # of followers is a youtube link.
Mishlyn - I enjoyed it as well :) Well done!
Deleted account - I got it on FB from Susan's post there Ty
Susan - Forgot vegetable...RSE... Me... I eat any vegetable. Love my beets, corn, asparagus, lettuce, ca... More »
MyFallingLeaves - One tip... try to have a balance of Sodium foods (that bring water in) and potassium rich foods ... More »
Xaevin - Beets Artichoke (but not Jerusalem Artichokes) Asparagus Bok Choy Brocc... More »
MyFallingLeaves - Yep! Having availability to look things up at the palm of our hands now as well is very helpful! ... More »
Lilian - I am so glad I found this site. People still look at you as if you are contagious.
Susan - Welcome Lilian. You are going to find out so many great things here. We love to encourage each ... More »
RedSpotEliminator - Agreed, but what I don't like about her is that she posts numerous pics on her SM accounts of her... More »
Sarah - Hi RedSpotEliminator, welcome to Flaym! I'm in UK, no I didn't read this interview. Yes does soun... More »
eric - I recommend organic olive oil, 2-3 times a day to keep it moist. Saran wrap if legs, ankles or a... More »
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