Richard @richard1957

Tacoma, WA, United States

Snows indoors and out now here in Washington state!?


Penny - Hi Richard ~ Brainstorming sounds great !! I have found tanning can help. It is my understandi... More »
Lynn - I’m on the other side of the country 😊, Pennsylvania. I wished I lived in Florida or Arizona for ... More »
Dan - I'm here in Seattle
Mishlyn - Cheers to that Richard! Happy New Year!
john,Hulk - pears not peas,though peas are okay
Alana - I have found I can eat any food. My triggers are stress and aggitation... Dr. Axe. Believes Leaky... More »
Alana - Dr Axe has a lot of information on a low inflammation diet.....His site is wonderful for Psoriasi... More »
Don - in not sure what T60 means..but hey welcome to the board. like Sarah says...diagnosis is the fir... More »
Richard - 60 years old
Don - oh...I guess in t61....still don't know what the t is for. welcome
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