Rich @richp

Telford, United Kingdom

Laid back and open minded, Good sense of humour..


Sarah - Good to get some air round the patches though Rich! The hair cut experience can be so difficult w... More »
Rich - "Looking tidy helps the old confidence levels though" True..put a hat on does the job 😉
john,darts vader - i await and see what winter brings,hopefuly no scales :)
Rich - Karin..already popping vitamin D tablets 😉
Victoria - Not sure but will pay attention to your theory
Deleted account - Yes, I've tried a few. Every type has made me drowsy, nauseous & dizzy. I end up taking more pill... More »
Sarah - Hi Rich. Welcome to Flaym, great first post! Me personally no I haven't taken meds though my derm... More »
Don - right now very good..PsA has improved 70%?..graves is undercontol...and minimal skin issues. don
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