Riefqa @riefqa

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Got a flake on my shoulder Speckled egg doppelganger


Mishlyn - It sure would! I think there may be a couple out there--nothing local to me. Usually involves a w... More »
McKenzie - There is a geothermal spa in Iceland called the Blue Lagoon. The water naturally helps clear up p... More »
Sarah - Yes! Amazing!
john,Hulk - sorry, i am not sure now riefqa, its for your head sorry,.brazilain is hair removal from lower r... More »
TMC - I have done Brazilian treatments and I have scalp Psoriasis too. What I do is that before I go to... More »
Riefqa - Thank you so much, il try it out
HollyDan - Soothing psoriasis through diet is a great way of avoiding inflammation, but every body is differ... More »
Riefqa - Thank you @hollydan , noted.
ZenWarrior - Hello Riefqa, read Dr. John Pagano's 'Healing Psoriasis' Book. Watch his interview on YouTube :)
Flakey Alice - I am slowly trying to get new clothes in "psoriasis camouflaging" colours!
Psoriatic4good - I used to do that and felted very frustrated about it, now I just dust if off and carry on :)
hilary - Just smile and be friendly to people - I'm covered in p but try hard to keep smiling through - it... More »
Ankur Kumar tanwar - Donot worry Ayurveda cure it ,since how many months you are suffer from , follow dietary restrict... More »
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