Rita @rita

Cambridge-Narrows, NB, Canada

I'm most happy when I'm plucking weeds in my gardens. I'm a sun worshiper. I've had psoriasis since I was born and usually it's mild unless stressed.


dave - Hi Rita hope your well I’m in England and have had poriatic poriasis now for 10 years it comes a ... More »
Rita - Hi Dave, During the winter I lather my skin daily with creams that are natural and aloe vera base... More »
Clint - No wining....kidding hope all's well
Glenn - I am going insane, I have had ps for nigh on 40 years and at times so bad it has put me into the ... More »
Rita - Sad to say I didn't try the limes. I had a mini flare upon arrival due to some stress but it calm... More »
Clint - Lemon works wonders
Peter - pm me the link ;) it works there
Peter - Turmeric is very good i use it a lot , always remember you use it with black pepper the 2 work ha... More »
Michelle - True Peter. I drink turmeric most mornings, eat it in my food and I haven't had any stiff or pain... More »
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