Rita @rita

Cambridge-Narrows, NB, Canada

I'm most happy when I'm plucking weeds in my gardens. I'm a sun worshiper. I've had psoriasis since I was born and usually it's mild unless stressed.


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Paul @paul116

Falmouth, UK

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Sharonc @sharonc

Winnipeg, MB, Canada

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Barry @barry59

Lubbock, TX, USA

I like playing my Gutairs when I am not itching.
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Catherine @bumblebee68

Manchester, UK

I've had psoriasis for about 15ys .it started on the palms of my hands . Sinc...
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Clint @NJClint

Trenton, NJ, USA

Cured my psoriasis with lemon 🍋
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Dakeyras @dakeyras

Liverpool, UK

Dealt with psoriasis most of my life and the psychological affects only us wh...
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Dianna @diannad

Huntington, WV, United States

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Clive @clive1

Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

I am a garden variety South African middle aged male ,with way to much mouth ...
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Marlene @lawmomof3

Chandler, AZ, United States

I'm most proud of my accomplishment of homeschooling my 3 children K-12. Afte...
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Jennifer @jennifer54

Nashville, TN, United States

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Sheralyn @s1

Hatfield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

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lynne @lynne1968
Semi retired RN, 42 years in an OR, retired to Ecuador with my husband, got s...
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Michael @michael710

Baton Rouge, LA, USA

I am a 20 year Psoriasis Survivor.
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Simon @Myskinandi

Chelmsford, United Kingdom

I am Simon, a Psoriasis blog writer and keen cook. A person that has gone thr...
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Rajes @rajes

Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

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