Robert @robertp

Redding, CA, United States

Love this site ! I have psorisis and arthritis, it has ruined my hands and my career but not my life! Now i have lots of time to spend with my son 😎and you great people .Dont forget to check out NPF


Susan - Robert I also want to say that life is never over till it's over. Maybe it's a new chapter to yo... More »
Nan195 - Hi Robert, some people are just downright obnoxious, Ignore them the're losers. Here's hoping y... More »
Julie - Incensitive, their is a national referral service in US, not sure where you are. I have a lawyer... More »
Susan - Robert job well done. I take is Moringa as my main vitamin source but I do take a bunch of Omega ... More »
john,Hulk - i know the feeling all too well robert, i am a maintenance operative and my job varies a lot,i h... More »
Robert - Thank you for the uplifting comments! It really helps 😁
Julie - You are so right Susan, i know it's better when I am able to have the best nutrition. Times hav... More »
Susan - Julie things are sure to settle down. The thing is that there is life going on around us all the... More »
Julie - Your sweet Susan. I have nice things going on too, thanks for reminding me of the good things in ... More »
Diana - I'm afraid you are gonna have to share the winning number with a girl in North Carolina:)
Diana - Hey Robert I see you live in CA. Have you tried CBD, just wondering if that would help with joint... More »
Robert - Oh canabis🤣 i havnt tried it , they take away right to buy a gun and other problems with that fro... More »
Robert - Im new to treatment , like to know whats working for others.
john,Hulk - hello Robert,welcome to flaym:) yes I have psoriatic arthritis 14 years now , I control it with l... More »
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