Robin @robinspiro

Toronto, ON, Canada

Hello all, I'm new to the group and I really don't know what to write. I have p since 1992, and tried so many things. Well p is my friend now as I know him for 26 years


Rosey - Great news enjoy the holidays and keep on doing what's right for you. Merry Christmas and a happy... More »
Robin - Thanks all It's the long weekend so I am going to rest at least today.
Bev - So sorry to hear that Robin. Have you strapped the toes up? I broke two toes on New Years Eve. Be... More »
Robin - Bev I strapped my toes and I use a lot of ice. I will be back to work on Tuesday. so bored at home.
Rita - We all have days like that. Try to relax Robin and hopefully your skin won’t react.
Mishlyn - Best of Luck Robin, I hope your skin will stay calm. ❤
Michelle - If you can't change anything then don't worry about it. Just keep moving and stay positive. I wis... More »
Mishlyn - Sounds Amazing Robin! Good for you!! 😀
Michelle - That is so nice Robin. Glad you feel relaxed and have no flares :) Been in a sauna twice and I wa... More »
Sarah - Hello again Robin! I love that uplifting post. And I love swim and sauna! Salt water swimming is ... More »
Sarah - That sounds like a lovely product Robin, what is the body wash called? If it is over the counter,... More »
Robin - Sarah, it's over the counter. the brand is ALAFFIA (lemon, lavender). ITS organic and I bought it... More »
Michelle - I can't use body wash at all. I have tried so many but I still itch from it and it makes my P wor... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Robin! Mine has never cleared completely ever since it appeared aged 13. Maybe ... More »
Robin - 100% pure olive oil, 100% pure argan oil, argan tree seeds, black seeds. It's homemade and your ... More »
Mishlyn - Thanks for the recipe Robin! I Love your positive attitude! Keep it Rockin'! ❤
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