Rodparis @rodparis

Paris, France

I am an American living in Paris. I'm also a travel/food writer.


Jullie - try some nexium for reflux .
Jullie - try some nexium for reflux . Plus people don't realise how much p affects your body on the insid... More »
Rodparis - Thanks all. @AGB, I had a sonogram about 6 months ago. Only thing they found out was I had small ... More »
john,Hulk - hello or bongour rod, welcome to flaym :)
Jullie - i had asked my husband once and once only. Does my p make you feel embarrassed and said yes ... I... More »
Allyson - I just joined recently,too! I find that it's a great comfort to me. I know a little French. Maybe... More »
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