Ronnah @ronnahbrand

Bowdon, GA, United States

I am a 32 year old soon to be married for the third time psoriasis sufferer. I was diagnosed at the age of 13 after thinking that it was just a bad case of ringworm (grew up on a farm with cats). Now I just handle it with diet.


Kay - Hope you are feeling better!
Ronnah - I am. Thank you guys
Susan - Sorry to hear that Ronnah. Feel better soon. I will add you to my prayers.
Nesta - I don't think so unless you were on medication for psoriasis
john,Hulk - psoriasis is not from the skin but, from within, its what we psoriatic persons do that makes psor... More »
Andy - I don't drink much water, just cut out the bad drinks alcohol and caffeine. Then the salt takes c... More »
Errol - Ronnah, aloe ferox mixed with a bit of aqueous cream cured my itching.
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