Roxanne @roxanne

Napanee, ON, Canada

I have had Psoriasis since I was 21.I have learned to live with it .My P is Guttate.


Desley - 100% agree, Michelle. Diet change helps a lot. Nightshades are particularly bad for me and I hard... More »
Jane - How old is he? I am sorry for your son but hey let's be positive he has a strong and beautiful mo... More »
Michelle - I agree. stay positive and don't let this influence you perspective.
john,Hulk - Hello Roxannne. Sorry to hear this about your son. I am sure he is devasted :(. Is it bad Rox... More »
Roxanne - He lives 12 hours away from me .And he is 24 but he is listening to me and I recommended this sit... More »
john,Hulk - Great , He wont feel alone here :)
Jen - Hi Roxanne. I know what you mean. Been there plenty times. Please don't stress! Put music on and... More »
Mishlyn - Super fast! Wow! Congratulations Roxanne! I agree with Jen- put some music on.. such a good hel... More »
Susan - Well make sure you pee... That's good I think Roxanne. It's a positive sometimes with moving as ... More »
Sarah - Oo dear that's a tough combo, Roxanne. Hope your appointment goes well!
Roxanne - It did .I dont have RA. And my bloodwork is all good too.
Mishlyn - Happy to hear your appointment went well Roxanne! 😊
Roxanne - For sure Sarah a d I dont have P on my hands at all.
Carla - I've found that cocoa butter by Palmers, offered in its many forms, helps. It's really all that d... More »
Michelle - Hi Carla. I have used that moisturizer as well and I love the smell. ( I actually just bought it ... More »
Mishlyn - Tai Chi is really nice Roxanne. Very gentle movements. Lot's of great videos for beginners on you... More »
Roxanne - Doing it at home makes good sense.
Roxanne - Then others wont see how much of a cluts I am Thanks Michelle.
Roxanne - I havent drank alcohol in about 28 years .And been on [..]since 1992.
Deleted account - I don't have Trigger either, I believe that was Roy Rodger's Horse and we still hang horse thief'... More »
Roxanne - Ha Otto funny.I dont have room in my life right now anyway for triggers or horses either .
Roxanne - Bev vertigo comes on sudden and lasts acouple of hours.
Nan195 - Wishing you better Roxanne 🌹
Roxanne - Thank you Nan195.
Sarah - And you too Roxanne
Susan - I don't Roxanne. Maybe a bit in the winter when it gets cold and dry. Don't think it's associat... More »
Cherie - Roxanne I have them in my nose and ears as well. I also have fibromyalgia and hashimotos it coul... More »
Roxanne - Thanks Cherie I donthave either of those .Thank goodness.
Susan - Roxanne you get used to it. Just use less cream or milk or whatever whitener you use over the da... More »
George - Canderel sweeteners work too! :D
Roxanne - Going to try unpasturized honey.
Sarah - Absolutely love oatmeal, Roxanne! It's amazing ⭐️
Susan - I think a few people do this on the site Roxanne. I believe you would use it as a scrubber too. ... More »
Don - I would think that the temps and weather would be a little warmer than pec....but not too much. ... More »
Carol - It's cold here in February. Bring your duvet! You can get all the creams you need here in any hig... More »
Susan - Lucky you! Roxanne you are going to have a super time!
john,Hulk - hello roxanne yes, i have had it under my armpit,i had it when i was child but ignored it and it ... More »
Dex - Hey Roxanne! How our bodies work is when we can’t naturally deal with toxins through peeing, po... More »
Chris - Similar to mine Roxanne
Sarah - Hi Roxanne. Great to hear you're trying new things for your guttate p. I had my first episode of ... More »
Roxanne - Thanks for the encouragement John and no Sarah I havent tried that cream yet but I will.
Susan - I guess each of us is different Roxanne. If this has been your schedule for 14 years, then it se... More »
Jill - If that shift adds stress, it can add to flares, in my opinion.
James - I work three shifts and can't say I've noticed it having any effect.
Susan - Roxanne I never looked. Flaym asked. I don't do anything different. Kind of like a reward that... More »
Roxanne - Thanks Susan.
Deleted account - Hi Roxanne, nothing different apart from maybe being as involved as you can and keep posts rollin... More »
Mishlyn - I have not either. It sounds very intriguing. Do you drink it Roxanne?
Susan - Interesting Roxanne... I used to soak raisins for recipes. Lots of good information on google fo... More »
Marietes - Have any one try a wheat grass smoothies??
Kim - Hope you make it to London. We are a scatty but welcome people.
Susan - Oh man Roxanne... I wanna come and I'm jealous!!
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