Ruben @ruben

Zulte, Belgium

Love music (listening and playing) love food (eating and cooking)


Ruben - Hey IDA, there are a lot of different creams that help. I love my aloë vera gel. It numbs a bit a... More »
IDA - tried fresh aloe vera but it worked for a little while I am back with coconut oil..
Susan - Yes Ruben. So funny that this is coming out now. Jeez... Treating psoriasis or any autoimmune d... More »
Shweta Singh - hey i have statrted drinking Aloe Vera gel in the morning and it is really great, it smooths my f... More »
Ruben - Hey Shweta, how do you drink the gel? Do you mix it with something?
Shweta Singh - I just drink it directly without mixing it with anything. earlier I was not able to swallow it co... More »
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