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Chicago, IL, United States

i am a total outdoorsman. i do it all. self proclaimed rennaisance man. in spite of my affliction with psa. i maintain my confidence. And, i am still one hot sexy man!!!


russ1894 - tbh overcoming my fear of nudity has been the biggest self esteem and confidence builder. if some... More »
Steve - I'd just be worried about burning the mid section :) lol
Jeri - Not the mid-section I was thinking of....just saying...
Shell - What have you been using? X
john,Hulk - i have no scales just more red spots and a patch that looks like it might shift as i have been ni... More »
Sarah - That's brilliant positive news russ1894! It's so hard to imagine when you're in the middle of a f... More »
James - I just started the Susan diet (more commonly known as the elimination diet), find out what if any... More »
john,Hulk - can do, mine dont itch or rarely with diet/lifestyle changes, if i get an itch, i try not to scra... More »
Sarah - That's great Russ. What do your steps to living right involve for you?
russ1894 - one injection and taking my 2nd on 1/16/18. i am mostly pink. with some red andalmost no scales y... More »
Sarah - That's amazing, Russ! Hope it continues in that direction.
russ1894 - makes a sexy guy even sexier! lol. no lie we are all a bunch of hotties
Mishlyn - That's great Ross! Looking forward to hear how it works for you. Many people here have had reall... More »
russ1894 - not to sound un classy... no way does santa have my body😉
Michelle507 - Lol... Your humour will take you far. Santa in training or not - just give it a few years and he... More »
russ1894 - you have a great day as well my dear. lol
Sarah - Hey Russ, good to know where you are! I'm over in UK. Across the pond!
Pamela777 - Is it the steroid shot, I get it once a month. If I miss a month it comes back. Also I gained wei... More »
russ1894 - biologics
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