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19 ~ Healthcare assistant👩🏼‍⚕️ + Makeup artist💄


Heather - Thanks y’all. The world lost a good one that’s for sure. I’m still close with his Momma so that ... More »
Michelle - The memories will always stay in your heart. His memories are as dear today as in the hour he pas... More »
Michelle - Hey Roisin, Just a follow up to find out if you are still okay with regards to the relationship a... More »
Chris - Have to say lemons haven't helped loads but the sun oh my tan line times
Mishlyn - They work great for me Roisin, Lemon has brought down inflamation and stops flake build up for ... More »
Ruben - I started using them at the same time I started moringa, so not sure what helps best, but my spot... More »
Cherryl - Hi Michelle, I used steroids a lot in the past, but didn’t notice a reaction to the sun back then... More »
Mishlyn - So many mysteries indeed Cherryl. When you went off the steroids, did you need to wean off them?
June - I find the sun helps me so much trouble we don't. Have a enough of it so make the best of it I su... More »
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