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john,Hulk - Hello saigie,You can reverse type 2 diabetes just by changing your Diet/lifestyle though that is... More »
Rosey - No salt ,no fat. Like bacon etc,my mum type two,she didn't want to change,her life it got worse j... More »
Sarah - Hi I use water kefir which I make and drink daily for my probiotic, and homemade sauerkraut. Hope... More »
SAIGIE - please assist itch
Chris - I get in under my eyes and on my eyelids , use cream and fresh air doesn't always work but with p... More »
Sarah - I always find coconut or grapeseed oil soothing but they are so greasy!
SAIGIE - Please assist
Deleted account - Me too,must try to stay positive and calm as possible around loved ones.I get up and have a littl... More »
Ragazza - I think it starts to itch because your temperature is rising. Check the temperature in your bedro... More »
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