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Sarah - If I have times where I don't feel like exercising, I find that dragging myself to the actual bui... More »
john,Hulk - I just dont do exercise jessica,its bad for me thank you :)
Geraldine - I've just been through a flare and pain and fatigue knocks you I can't walk with knees clicking o... More »
Mishlyn - It can be hard, people around us do not understand the pain that comes along with P. Physically o... More »
Susan - Michelle you made me chuckle a bit..Yeah, if we don't share, how do they know. I think that abou... More »
john,Hulk - i know what you mean jessica, my girlfriend used to always say i am always ill,well she had done,... More »
Geraldine - Use essential oils as a rub if you can! Can make up a moisturizer with using oils ,peppermint is... More »
Nancy - Thank you for all the info. I just purchased several essential oils and an oil steamer. I did b... More »
Nancy - Thanks, I will try it!
Mishlyn - I love cheese as well Jessica, and miss it! I do have goats cheese now and then :) Diary and glut... More »
Richard - yep i get it bad in the winter
Roxanne - Cold and dry weather are my enemys for sure.
john,Hulk - oh dear, take 2 bottles in the shower?,no not me, i just wash and go :)
Roxanne - Sarah thsts one I get too.
Roxanne - I get ones that say try this or that .It worked for my sister's husband'scouisin'swife's morher.
juju - Steve what is Kombucha and how do I make it? Thanks...
steve - Hi Juju, If you go to my profile page and scroll down to my first post and read through all the c... More »
juju - Thanks Steve...
Mishlyn - It is such an amazing feeling Jessica :) I hope you are feeling better today!
john,Hulk - it great jessica :)
Deleted account - Why? what does red meat do too you?
Deleted account - Red meat is harder and takes longer to digest so digestion takes a lot of energy...if you do eat ... More »
Deleted account - aww I love my meat :P lol
Sarah - Hehe I love a psoriasis anthem!
Paul - No, but I think of Paul Young's 'every time you go away, you take a piece of me with you'
Deleted account - LOL Love it Jessica :D gotta have a sense of humour. Good for you! :D
Laura - I have a few tattoos and not effected my psoriasis . But if I have a cut or scrape I do get it in... More »
Jack - I love the ones with Marmont from GOT who has that lizard skin thing. Apparently the writer based... More »
Deleted account - lol too funny I just checked them out :D Thanks
Deleted account - take in lots of fluids and stretch ...don't let the arthritis take hold
Jessica - That's what I absolutely love about this group is that everyone is so supportive and encouraging ❤
Deleted account - Don't lose hope Jessica, Hope and Faith are intertwined...without hope you can't have faith and v... More »
Georgia - Yeah every time I mention pain/stiffness, even to my boyfriend, they'll just be like "god go do s... More »
Annette Gill - I've been diagnosed firstly with rheumatoid arthritis then as I got older osteoarthritis. Ive ha... More »
Sherry - Guess I'm used to it, since I've had most of it all my life... but yes, it does get annoying when... More »
Jessica - I got antibiotics in case it is a sinus infection
john,Hulk - yes, i have had to do antibiotics couple years ago as i was always prodding my ears to get all th... More »
Jessica - thanks yall!
Holli - I've been using coconut oil in my ears and it's helped a bit :) Only downside is it makes your ha... More »
William - Sigh..." keeps the itch down..." not "it's"
Ragazza - I have it.... just rub a bit of almond oil in it...then try to get the scales out. And going on... More »
Ben - This reminds me of explaining my mood disorder and symptoms. Usually only the people who really c... More »
Liz - Never to old for anything I get that people see you oh you look good but half time it's hidden bu... More »
Sherry - I know what you are saying.... I've had fibromyalgia since I was in my 30's and people were alway... More »
kevin - my feet and a stinging sensation on the top of my feet
Liz - My knees feet and hands but doesn't help as waiting on Operation for my knee to torn ligaments s... More »
Susan123 - I have the arthritis in every joint , had a hip replacement when I was 32 and knee replacement ... More »
Chelle - Coal tar has not caused me any pain. I buy mine at my local Walgreens.
Janice - Well, I use Vosene medicated original shampoo and find it brilliant. I had a fungal infection on... More »
Rita Fouche - Psoriasis Scalp Ointment 2% Salicylic Acid
Janice - I have found over the years that food and drink doesn't make any difference to my psoriasis so I ... More »
SusieQ - Very little,it is quite hard to do
Psoriatic4good - Why in the world whould You do that? :)
Anita - Jessica if I have learned anything in my life it's the importance of self care. We tend to make t... More »
John - The heartmath method is a stress relieve program. The foundation is put into 3 steps. 1. Hartfoc... More »
Vered - Think that every thing you do is a part of a game, so it is not so bad if something doesn't go as... More »
hilary - I'm Taurus..............
Graham - Pfft Astrology....I wouldnt pass the blame to some silly superstitious nonsense...As a Pisces/Aqu... More »
Jessica - @graham I was joking haha I know better :)
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