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Susan - No link for me as I had my tonsils taken out around 10 or 11 years old. No throat infections for ... More »
Sarah - Hi Santos. I have guttate psoriasis, my first episode started 6 months ago very suddenly after a ... More »
Jayne - I have repeated sore throat / infections and have been told it is related. Not sure if throat cau... More »
Susan - santosh don't believe everything on the internet. I used to go to church and it was drilled into... More »
santosh - Thank you Susan and I haven’t stopped yet .. 😃... seriously for now that my life and a stress rel... More »
santosh - Hi John..The only person I see all the time active this group is YOU and I appreciate your contri... More »
john,Hulk - hello santosh, thats ok, as it is a choice thanks for your reply
john,Hulk - i wish you well too santosh,hope you manage to find help with medication to help you ,best of lu... More »
Pooja - Ur parents loves you and from now don't try this again just explain ur situation 🙃🙂
Mariebar - Hey Santosh you know what parents worry about everything related to their kids. You being away fr... More »
Mary Ann - I would be interested in that, too!
john,Hulk - ?hello santosh, psoriasis is from within and not the skin,some creams may supress it as one is tr... More »
Hassan Daniyal - I was doing research on cod liver oil, what should i take now? Check your inbox also
santosh - hi Hassan Daniyal...just try like above i said may be it will be helpful to u...even i am trying ... More »
Pooja - It's ur efforts which helps u in ur ps... My best wishes with you ✌✌
Nan195 - Keep us all updated and thanks for the information 🌹
Nan195 - Hi Santosh and welcome to our world. Here are caring people for support and friendship, Caring ... More »
Harsh - Hi Santosh! We are in the same boat. I can understand you.
Hassan Daniyal - Nice to see so much positivity in u guys.. Really made me happy
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