Sarah @sarahlou

Stafford, Staffordshire UK

Single mum of two a stuffer for about 10 years started on my scalp then ended up in areas you really wouldn't want it I hate it ๐Ÿ˜”


john,Hulk - No not as such as i am an essential worker, i work in a nursing home in maintenance, Scary thing... More ยป
Irene - Got worst p atm .. so sad , I feel freak or beast and my husband is the beauty .. "Beauty a... More ยป
Michael Chidwick - My daughter is an Almoner in Stafford
Sarah - So what's best to use coz I'm suffering badly and it's starting to get really uncomfortable and s... More ยป
john,Hulk - Yes i been on lifestyle changes for years now Alina , eat lots of veggies, i dont do dairy or br... More ยป
Alina - Yes, a lifestyle indeed. It's a self-management path, a continuous one.
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