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Nottingham, United Kingdom

Psoriasising since 1997...

Dave - Good for you Sarah, nice to have an open convo about it, shows people accept it for what it is...... More »
Brian - I drink turmeric with ginger. Good tea
john - great news, its good to educate aswell then clear skins will react better to psoriatic people whe... More »
Susan - Sarah good for you... Always putting a twist of humor in things. LOL.
Lucy - This always happens to me when I’m on my jollies. Least you laugh about it 😂
Sarah - I find it fascinating this debate! In my own mind I feel that it is sometimes different how you c... More »
john - gos back to , its just a skin disease in most people eyes out there sarah, i do understand what y... More »
Nan195 - Not a disability for me but a condition that shows up occasionally. Everyone have a happy Thursd... More »
Sarah - Is so different for different people! Work stress never affected my psoriasis but family stress d... More »
Julia - Stress triggers flare ups
Nan195 - For me, bleach or any harsh detergents or soaps 🌹
john - i use what ever my girlfriend buys :) i never used to use it but, in very hot climates its wise i... More »
C - I don't at start ,but inly stay out ,20 mins first day ,, then usually 20
MishLyn - Hey Sarah, I'm the same as Susan, I don't wear any at all unless it's all natural. The chemicals ... More »
Susan - Sarah maybe it is just one knee at a time. You must be doing something right... You, from your p... More »
Jacqueline - Psoriasis has a life of its own...cue *Twilight zone* theme tune....
Sarah - Haha Jacqueline, and Dave, yes it does! Full of surprises. Thanks, Susan I feel like my skin is ... More »
Susan - Oh dear Sarah... Poor family. Glad they have you around.
Jacqueline - I think I can manage the itching simply because I'm so used to it for the past 15 years...because... More »
Sarah - Yeowwch Tim! The jellyfish sting looks mega sore to be fair. Jacqueline, I know what you mean abo... More »
Susan - That's cute.
Mike - Kids really dont understand what we go through and they are always honest what they see
Lynn - Yes, I hear you and understand what you are saying. Ive heard so many comments about my skin from... More »
Julia - You could try infrared treatments
Julia - You could try infrared treatments they helped me.
Qissera - I have it too. At first it was a bit difficult to put on bikini, I have 50% of my back covered...... More »
Karin - That is so cute, and I think actually really a teddy bear is an excellent treatment for most ills.
Susan - Very sweet. Gotta love kids.
Susan - I love ginger, but there is that fire thing that goes on. LOL. I think that because ginger is g... More »
Darren - Sarah, I'm curious: what moisturizers do you use? The only one that has worked for me is a very l... More »
Susan - Sarah you are funny. Have a wonderful holiday. Hope it's a blue sky one!
Nan195 - LOL have fun and enjoy 🌹
john - hello sarah, no, i cut things out over 2 months, sugar was the hardest to cut out,took 6 weeks to... More »
Diana - No I sure haven't I'm in the process of working on it, gluten and sugar gone but still hanging on... More »
Susan - Sarah I started with learning about gut health. Probiotics but now pre biotics with my Moringa. ... More »
Susan - Wish I could give you advice Sarah. This momma is a walker now. Years of running and aerobics a... More »
Mike - Try buying a size larger so the clothes are more loose.
Sarah - Hehe Dave glad you clarified that for us ;) Ouch Susan yes I try to go soft on the knees! I have ... More »
Chris - Didn't realise what strep throat was now
Sarah - Haha meant guys not guts! Oh no Chris, you haven't got strep throat have you?
C - Same ,ever got tonsil removed 20 years ago to stop attacks with it did but now get more chest inf... More »
Sarah - I agree too about focusing in it through Flaym, for me I am really coping with my psoriasis much ... More »
john - i know i wouldnt had changed my lifestyle, lost weight better skin accept my face at mo and bet... More »
Atul - Yes yes everything changes cos one wants to cure them of this condition.
Nan195 - Relax, read or watch a Movie, sip either Rooibos or Green Tea and fall asleep to music 🌹
Dave - Usually papercutting until about 10 so just enough time to for a quick wash, wet the flaky bits, ... More »
Sarah - Green tea is yum isnt it Chris and Nan! Oo haven't tried aloe vera gel... sounds soothing.
Annette - I am always hot. Especially sleeping.
Sarah - Interesting! Maybe we warm up using all our energy to fight inflammation
Joel - I run hotter than normal. I can literally warm a small room.
Susan - Sarah so much changes when those babies fly away. Kind of sad but the thing is when they do fly ... More »
Karin - When you are ready, buckwheat is a good alternative for the flour. Same recipe, just substitute.... More »
Sugerbear - The only buckwheat I know of is the kid on the Little Rascals😃 I didnt know it was a flour sub.
James - It says the same thing on the bottle of carpet cleaner I bought :)
Sarah - Ahaha James! Maybe industrial carept cleanere would do a better job of clearing it up than lavender
James - When my oldest daughter lived with me she tried using sand as an exfoliator, not for P, just som... More »
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