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Nottingham, United Kingdom

Psoriasising since 1997...


James - Roasted carrot humus with bread sticks, my favourite movie nibble.
Karin - I think I do become more introspective. Being scared about where it will go and if I will be able... More Β»
Don - for me...through my recent life experiences...dwelling on stuff...means stress. which is very str... More Β»
Angela - When my p is inflamed, I feel sad. You have to stay positive & active. It's sad & a lot of work ... More Β»
Chel - My friend had it all over her body last summer so yes I did think it is possible 😣
Michelle - ohhh ouch! It sounds like it would be painful Sarah. I have not experienced that before. I hope i... More Β»
john,DARTS VADER - I have plaque psoriasis Sarah,i didnt think about it until i came here that i may get inverse in... More Β»
rachel - Hi Sarah, I like Aveeno too but use coconut oil mostly. It is greasier so you need a little time... More Β»
Dakeyras - Aye it is the Aldi Lacura range, either the day or night cream works well etc...:)
Sarah - Great Dakeyras! What is the Lacura one that you use called?
john,DARTS VADER - Haha funny , i have just seen this post, how did i miss it?,funny really as my friend decided to ... More Β»
MariaL - Oh my!... i really need "someone" to have better immune system function... LoL!
Michelle - We all do Maria. This is a matter of life and...well ...flakes
Michelle - Red and prickly definitely. The white and dry is easy for me to maintain but once it is inflamed,... More Β»
Sarah - Me too yep red and prickly is the very worst. Do NOT enjoy it! Last night I had mega prickle afte... More Β»
rachel - Red and prickly worse, it seems more active. I'm just calming down from a week of that.
Michelle - Oh That is painful Sarah. I'm so sorry. I knew indoor sports were dangerous! lol. Sarah, whenev... More Β»
Ruben - Crossing all my fingers it heals nice and quick!
Sarah - Thanks everyone! Yes what a thing to happen! Haha Chris, those things called exercise bikes are d... More Β»
Ellen - Hi Michelle ..its not really cold here.. still going about without a jersey.... nothing different... More Β»
Michelle - That's wonderful news Ellen! I'm so happy for you. I wish you the best of luck and I hope you can... More Β»
Chel - I hope always ellen
Michelle - lol. Have to be careful John. I'm very healthy and I'm not going to let some paprika be the cause... More Β»
Sarah - Great experiment Michelle! Yes I do think some things creep up on us over time. So like, one port... More Β»
Michelle - True Sarah. I do that as well. When I eat i.e. potatoes, I eat them once a week and it does nothi... More Β»
Justin - My psoriasis is heriditary, so no matter what it will still be here but sunshine DOES REALLY ASSI... More Β»
Chel - It is hard to forget mine because mine is on my palms of my hands.
Michelle - I find the less I have it on my mind, the better my skin gets. Still keep up with my daily routin... More Β»
Sarah - Woo hoo Clint thank you, a vote for CEO of psoriasis butt-kicking! Can't get much better than tha... More Β»
Clint - Encyclopedia of food triggers and cures for conditions unknown to the common man. Download this i... More Β»
Angela - It's definetly a daily struggle. I have eaten things that my P reacts to only a few times since ... More Β»
Chel - I found noodles that were made from vegetables
Janice - I can tolerate all and they sound yummy Sarah, I will be trying these, thanks for sharing.
Michelle - I will be trying them as well! Thanks for sharing!! Sounds yummmy!
john,DARTS VADER - This pic is my Italian chopper moped from 1973 ,i finished /restored it years ago in 2003, s... More Β»
Marlyn - 😍
monica - could be me
Michelle - Have to look for keafer. Isnt it rich in proteins?
Sarah - Thank you everyone! John, I never ever get 8 hours sleep either and havent for a long time. I thi... More Β»
Ellen - Thanx Clint ...will google it .. Michelle if ever I am on a JHB run I will let you know then we ... More Β»
Jinger - Hot water always irritates mine severely. But I am pretty much affected every where now so it's g... More Β»
Genevieve - I've just had a friend invite me to a place with natural hot pools...she's tall and slim and gorg... More Β»
Clint - That's a shame it might be the best thing for you I think you should reconsider.😎
Michelle - Thank you for the info Shreekant. I have changed my diet already as well as my life style. I'm mo... More Β»
rachel - It's your high histamine day coming to haunt you! You should heal quick x
Michelle - Thank you rachel. I better do something about that.
Michelle - Sorry to hear Sarah and I do hope its better already?
Jen - Oh wow Sarah you are so game. I'm staying away from all that because I know what will happen. Don... More Β»
rachel - Great to know. You're making such progress x
Justin - I have been mearing my body with coconut oil...….It works a treat!
Elaine - Fluke, I can't thank you enough for your detailed account of success!!! I applaud each and every... More Β»
Ruth - coconut oil-love it
Michelle - Maybe she sees it like you do but don't want to embarrass you Sarah. But think about this, at lea... More Β»
rachel - Ah Sarah, probably a case of not thinking before speaking. One of my closest friends often commen... More Β»
Sarah - One of my closest friends is the same rachel. She said to me at a friend's wedding a couple of we... More Β»
Clint - Don't knock it until you try it πŸ‹
Diane - My elbows are raw today maybe I should lemon them up. I will try anything can’t hurt anymore tha... More Β»
Clint - Lemon πŸ‹ will work
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