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Linda - You really embrace the spirit of the day. ThankyouSarah!❀️
bernadette - Hi my name is bernie havent been here in a while due to bad health h as anyonefound parrifen gel ... More Β»
RIAZ - In my experience parafin thins the skin, so it becomes red. Good to remove scaly skin.
sheila - I've been using Trader Joe's Head To Toe Balm on my scalp lesions and it really calms things down.
Denise - I've had P on scalp on and off for about 40 years. Coal tar based shampoo works for me. I don't u... More Β»
Caitlin - With my scalp psoriasis, i use sebco ointment which gets let on overnight and washed out the next... More Β»
Julie - Sorry Michelle and Rita, I got mixed on who posted the vinegar and water spray. I am certainly go... More Β»
Michelle - It's okay Julie. I do it sometimes too. Get mixed up with posts. The vinegar and water is definit... More Β»
Clint - Use vinegar that atracks ants the add water and a drop of dish soap leave out ants drink and that... More Β»
Lorna Penner - Let us know how it works..
Michelle - I actually have Sarah but firstly its too greasy and secondly it was not good for my P. I itched ... More Β»
Rosey - Well it stops the redness and itching for me I just use the cheaper brand.
Michelle - One can say I'm on the paleo diet as well Sarah. Same as caveman diet? I do eat pasta once a mont... More Β»
john,Hulk - Well Michelle, as you know its what you make of it though :) mine looks boring too but i am used ... More Β»
john,Hulk - Hopefully yes, things will just get better, i am taking lots of vitamin D at mo try get it better... More Β»
Ellen - Hang in there. Hope you will be feeling better soon.
Barry - Hope you get well quick! I am dreading winter. I should move to Florida.
Bev - Good Luck Bernadette I hope it works for you.
Jenny777 - How is it going Bernadette?I am due to start Light treatment in the new year (retiring at the end... More Β»
bernadette - Hi jenny hah 6 lamp treatment so far can see an improvement already I mosture ise three times a ... More Β»
Bev - So glad it's working for you Sarah πŸ‘
Susan - Synthetic vitamins?πŸ€” might want to google them. Main reason I switched to Moringa. Real plant and... More Β»
Mariles Benavente - Susan, How do you use the moringa?
Alan - hi good morning has anybody tried chickweed on their p ive told its good for it i went to a herba... More Β»
Bev - Summer has arrived in Cape Town so my hubby is getting his Vit D everyday again. Hopefully the s... More Β»
Sarah - I haven't tried chickweed. Hope you'll find one that works for you Madmum! It's definitely calmin... More Β»
Michelle - Lisa. Love the pic! I agree with Clint, lemon takes time, so try it for a couple of weeks and see... More Β»
Rosey - Keeps the vampires away too,and men haha ,now just started on cod liver oil so I'll add fishy aro... More Β»
Rosey - Sarah what did the doc suggest as a supplement or something to aid your p?
Bev - I hope you get better soon Sarah. My hubby has also had a sore throat for a while plus chest infe... More Β»
Justin - I suggest raw fresh garlic - it keeps colds away but also keeps people away!!!!!!!!!!
Clint - Post nasal drip Room temperature tea water that was boiled add salt cut a straw in half snort w... More Β»
Michelle - Sounds great Sarah. Keep us posted! I love Himalayan products.
Sarah - Chris anyone on Flaym can name as many over the counter products as they like. No one on Flaym is... More Β»
Sarah - Lou it was in Asda UK
rachel - Great that your skin is clear in those areas now, bet it looks lovely :-)
Mavis - Great news Sarah
Michelle - As you know Sarah, I'm a turmeric fan. I drink it twice a week for my PsA, I only use Himalayan ... More Β»
john,Hulk - Turmeric is great for me too,i stick it between foods or make my curry with veggies,works very we... More Β»
Julia - I drink turmeric tea and have the powder. I think it helps
James - For the record I'm liking the Vaseline one, and only 2.99 from Semichem. I take a can when I do s... More Β»
Justin - I smother myself and eat it - coconut oil TRY IT, YOU WILL BE AMAZED!
Md - Wheatgrass is amazing, you will be noticed after 2 months
Michelle - James, it just shows that our p is not the same. I guess it might nr because if the warm weather ... More Β»
Sarah - So there may be hope that is healing then?! I really hope so. We shall see!
Jen - Hey Sarah. I hope yours is getting better and clearing. Isnt it strange but this last flare im ha... More Β»
rachel - Great you're feeling better πŸ€—
Sarah - The only other one I know James is tobacco which is also a nightshade. That list you've got is pr... More Β»
James - Okay cool. I don't smoke so no problem there. Potatoes, tomatoes and peppers will be hard-ish to ... More Β»
Michelle - Ah Sarah, I'm glad to hear your skin is doing much better. Let is know how the new greens are going!
Bev - So happy your skin is doing better Sarah
Julia - I am so glad to hear that Sarah interesting how it works.
Rosey - Yep but only midriff is totally clear?? Waist down including bum cheeks been real bad as for face... More Β»
rachel - So have you never had psoriasis on the lower half of your body before? I have it all over, quite... More Β»
Justin - I found mu Psoriasis cleared COMPLETELY when I was on a kibbutz in Israel!
Michelle - Oh, I wish Jane. Just in case it can...I'm spreading all my love to my lovely Flaymers. Will chec... More Β»
Ruben - Just recovering from a massive flare. Cheated my diet too much when on holidays. Getting better s... More Β»
Jen - Hi Ruben. I hope the flare disappears soon. It's such a battle and exhausting sometimes. But we s... More Β»
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