Sarah @sarahuk

Nottingham, United Kingdom

Psoriasising since 1997...

Susan - Sarah I remember that. I still have scars on my elbows that get diminished in the summer. Actua... More Β»
Steve - The P!
Otto_M_Moon - Steve below the knee? or above? Under my knee is the only place I get the P
Jennifer - Awesome sarah! I actually wore a sleeveless dress without stockings to my works Christmas party l... More Β»
Michelle - That is really great Sarah. I have found myself being able to talk to others easier lately as wel... More Β»
Michelle - Well done Sarah. The more people know about psoriasis the better. @Jennifer - That is awesome n... More Β»
Susan - Sarah that's funny. I'm not a flaker, but I am a goofy, flakey, woman. LOL.
Carol - Bless you. I have to he same ingrained acceptance. It's ok. You're not alone.
Michelle - LOL Sarah! Too true!! I find myself doing the same--always such a sigh of relief when we realize ... More Β»
Sarah - Ah Susan, thank you - I'm about to get myself a banana right now! Been eating lots of greens, squ... More Β»
john - hello sarah, i eat mainly veg and chicken and cut out my fresh fish for tinned tuna, only thing i... More Β»
Susan - Sarah quinoa is just ok... I actually only have it when I make my flat bread. Corn... I love it ... More Β»
Lorna Penner - I take Vitamin D3 and K2 along with other vitamins and have no problem with them.
Susan - Sarah I gave up buying vitamins long ago when I started Moringa. Might be why it works so well a... More Β»
Diane - I bought some tamanu oil recently while I was on holiday in Vanuatu. I need to melt it a bit to m... More Β»
john - so true, i been here for 10 month or more now and theres always been laughs, i joke about my psor... More Β»
Michelle - That's wonderful John. To know there are people with ideas, advice and experience are amazing and... More Β»
john - :) its good here :)
Dianne - I guess I really never thought of food being a problem. I thought stress. Auto immune ? I guess ... More Β»
Michelle - Good for you Diane, trying to lower your cholesterol naturally before meds. Dietary changes will... More Β»
Susan - Dianne, Michelle is on the right track. Try the Moringa. A bunch of us on this site are startin... More Β»
Michelle - lol. Sarah, I got my psoriasis at 17 years of age. Still today I'm scared my daughters might get ... More Β»
john,darts vader - hahha thats funny sarah, you must be checking your children like a chimp picking at another chim... More Β»
Sarah - Absolutely John. That image should be hilarious because it is surreal but actually it is real! Th... More Β»
fern - Spa time is always wonderful!!
Sarah - No it doesn't irritate my plaques really at all! I go swimming once a week with my baby too, some... More Β»
Roxanne - I find that sream and heat help clear my skin.
Michelle - a bunless it.
Otto_M_Moon - I'll go with a Sir Francis Bacon Burger anyday. Knowledge is power
Leanna - Wrap it in a lettuce leaf. Good.
Susan - Sarah I betcha you smell puuurrrrty!
Javeed - Keep it up, enjoy your shopping
Michelle - hahahahaha. I love the sense of humour on Flaym.
Sarah - My dreams are already pretty lucid will21! Hehe if I couldnt even rest in my sleep time, I would ... More Β»
Mike - My personal experience suggests that my body is out of balance and begging for me to repair. Sle... More Β»
Petra - For me, I've realised that stewing about things is the fastest way into a flare. So as much as p... More Β»
Mark - If I end up in a relationship. I'll make a mental note of this for future reference.
Nan195 - That is cool Sarah, your Partner is a Saint 🌹
Stuey - I'm Truly Blessed, My Lovely Wife Helps Me Apply 3 Coats Of Moisturiser/Cream & Ointments Every N... More Β»
Dex - Hey Sarah! Definitely would like to DM you something, but need a follow back! Have some important... More Β»
will21 - Knowledge is Power, Sir Francis Bacon Father of rules that could demonstrated as opposed to une... More Β»
Nan195 - Hi Will21 and everyone else, Sir Francis Bacon quoted that...Some books are to be tasted, others... More Β»
Nan195 - Hi Sarah, wishing you a speedy recovery, our Diet so affects our P. We have lost the plot with a... More Β»
Susan - Nan well said. One thing about nature is that it's all around us. Easy access. However, in pla... More Β»
Nan195 - Hi Susan, happy and calm is for me too, although I live in a busy part of Jhb, the Suburb is peac... More Β»
Susan - Oh Sarah... You make me smile. Great attitude... I think you and I would have fun together... Yo... More Β»
Nan195 - Hi Sarah, πŸ˜€ wonderful 🌹
Deb - Haha that made me laugh. Priceless! The mental visuals are fabulous!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜πŸ˜„
darts vader,join me and together we can flake the galaxy - haha lorna penner, thats funny ,hitler,i am sure you get stressed when you see him?is he really h... More Β»
Marieta - Hi can someone help me I need some treatment for my scalp. Any suggestions please . I do have sha... More Β»
Susan - Marieta I might be able to give you a short term treatment just for your scalp that was a quick f... More Β»
Sarah - Alyssa, yeowchh! Hope it's going ok with the recovery. I'd love you to keep me posted about how y... More Β»
Dex - Where most of strep bacteria that enter our microbiome comes from our teeth. When we get our cl... More Β»
Nan195 - Hi Dex, your responses to this Post are interesting, tell us more please 🌹
Michelle - It is so disappointing that diet is dismissed so easily πŸ˜” Imagine how great it would be if it wa... More Β»
Sarah - Yes things could be so different couldn't they? What a shame. This is why it has taken me so long... More Β»
Petra - Typical specialists, only want to talk about treatment, not prevention
Chris - HOT, My shins are on fire today!
Cindy - My scalp is lumpy scabby and on FIRE
Polyp - Surprisingly calm x
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