Sarah @sarahuk

United Kingdom

Psoriasising since 1997...


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Martin @martin63

Sheffield, UK

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Catherine @clammyhands

Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

Perpetual anxiety and itching.
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Paulo @pantufa

Portimão, Portugal

Tenho 43 anos Sou de Portimão
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Randy @randy1

Brisbane City, Queensland, Australia

love life
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Stuey @stuey

Truro, Cornwall, UK

Psoriasis for 38 years, & Psoriatic arthritis for 30 years.... Carry on reg...
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bernadette @bernadette3

Dublin, Ireland

Love dogs my Yorkshire terrier name lily my baby my husband thinks im mad cos...
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Rajesh @rajeshmba

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Stopped worrying about Psoriasis and Living with it :-)
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Lesley @lesley65
I’m a mum of two teenage girls love music, art , films and just talking with ...
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Peter @pedro60

Edinburgh, UK

Living the dream or at least I will when I get rid of all these flakes😂😂😂😂😂
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Janice @janice1970

Londonderry, UK

I have P since age 9 and PsA since 50. I'm now 58 and have had some awful bad...
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Julie @jewelgold
Have had Fibromyalgia for about 30years, now have PsA and the psoriasis is no...
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Donna615 @donna22627

New York, NY, United States

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Aleksandar @aleksandar1

Skopje, Macedonia (FYROM)

I'm sad because I think I will stay alone. I want to spend my life with a gir...
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Phong @phonlx

Garden Grove, CA, USA

I do not like to be the center of all the attention.
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