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Psoriasising since 1997...


Rosey - Arms a given nd face,faded arms with lemon,i never itch on arms,and now more spots,keeping up the... More Ā»
Julia - Hope it fades quickly Sarah
Marmara - Yeah it is!! I have it all over my body now but the more annoying is arms and hands....whole summ... More Ā»
Rosey - Looking for my invitation,lol ,congratulations to you Susan,, enjoy!!!
Susan - Thanks for the well wishes. Wedding is September 29th. I forgot how much there is to do! Lovin... More Ā»
Bev - So glad you having fun organising your wedding.
Jen - Hi Linda you could slice it or grate it. Cook it up for a bit. Add some black pepper. Strain and ... More Ā»
Linda - Thank you Jen I will give it a try! I think without this sight and all the positive vibes I woul... More Ā»
Jackie - Can totally relate. Feel for you.
Maggiec645 - I'm using simple sugar skin exfoliating product. Seems to b working so far. I hate the flair ups... More Ā»
Maggiec645 - My elbow and leg look alot better. I have brown patches like a stain where it used to b. But gett... More Ā»
Clint - Rub lemon šŸ‹ on these areas
Michelle - Drink I mean.
Jannie - You can buy tumeric tea from a shop that begins with T and ends in O
Sarah - I had the exact same yesterday Sarah. Skin and hair was REALLY dry. Chucked half a handful of co... More Ā»
Chris - Forgot I had a jar in the fridge !!!!!!
leonard - I'm just stating to look in to CBC any body tried it. love to now
john,Hulk - Oh Dear, Maybe he thought you have changed your profession Allan ?
Deleted account - I bought a uvb lamp on e. Bay small might try to see if it can control as my glands are up ma... More Ā»
Michelle - Hi C. Good luck with the lamp, I've heard it works but have no experience with it. Let us know if... More Ā»
Jen - Hi Sarah. It seems to be the same with me and lemons. I have tried on and off for a long time. I ... More Ā»
Clint - Sarah the lemon šŸ‹ starts a detox of the skin the results are deflaking then redness but as your s... More Ā»
Kim - Hi Sarah. What works for some, doesn't work for others. We all have a different chemical make up ... More Ā»
James - Sarah, it was fine. Instead of just ripping the plaster off I just let the hot soapy water do its... More Ā»
Nancy - I put [...] ointment on the open wound, with a band aid.
Michelle - I remember when my P was a thick crust and tried to shave, I always got a few cuts. I never used ... More Ā»
Bev - Oh that sounds lovely. At the moment we all down with flu or colds šŸ˜Ÿ I hope your flare disappears... More Ā»
Michelle - Glad your flare is subsiding Sarah. Being in the sun is always a go and great for us.
Sarah - Ah no Bev, get well soon all of you! I didn't actually get chance to soak up much sun. Too busy m... More Ā»
Clint - Just rub it on your psoriasis
Mandy - I have it on my feet. Really bad. Do I just rub it on wherever it is even on cracked bleeding parts
john,Hulk - Hello Mandy, Please dont put it on cracked bleeding parts, It will sting for a little if skin ... More Ā»
Sarah - Thanks everyone! Yes I think we all respond to different types of stress in different ways don't ... More Ā»
A - Hi Sarah, is there a way to reduce the stress? Make a list of what you have to do. And strike ... More Ā»
Cherryl - Yes Sarah, for me I think emotional stress brings on a flare, albeit a delayed reaction, but a fl... More Ā»
Mavis - If people mention it then yes I would. Hope your skin feeling better soon. Hope you had a good ti... More Ā»
Sarah - I didn't really eat unhealthy but I did dare to have 3 alcoholic drinks in one day, shock horror!... More Ā»
Susan - Glad you had fun Sarah. Yes, probably the alcohol but WTH... Gotta live a little. I never told ... More Ā»
Ellen - Hi toe nail sufferers.. I have nail P ... I soak my feet in hot water with Bicarb & Apple cider v... More Ā»
Michelle - Send me your email address xxx
Lindakay1948 - best advice for me was Epsom salts thank you all but when I am bleeding no way can I use the sa... More Ā»
Clint - Sarah has been lemon šŸ‹ iffy just give it a try you'll be healing in a jiffy
Sarah - I did try lemon everyone! This was a few weeks ago. But withing about 5 days my skin got very sor... More Ā»
Clint - Try every other day or wash off with clear water shortly after you as a lady have sensitive skin ... More Ā»
Erica - Good for you! In the end you have only one life to live. Buy more dresses!
Joseph - Well done!!Keep on doing these kind of acts!
Jane - Well done Sarah..I wish I had your courage.
Bev - I agree too Jonathan. I can eat tomatoes if skinned and seeded. I will do it if Im making a salad... More Ā»
Justin - Years ago, Polish body builders used to consume raw eggs. I now do the same EVERY MORNING and ... More Ā»
Michelle - No not really Sarah. I can eat it cooked or raw. It has the same effect. I like raw veggies with ... More Ā»
Mishlyn - Susan, google intragram and you can sign up if your interested. I think you would like it! Also t... More Ā»
Michelle - Wonderful Sarah. Well done on the diet. :)
Sarah - Thanks everyone! Yes Shawn, you got it, we are psoriasis food twins then! Michelle I'm glad you l... More Ā»
Shawn - Correct Ava - K2 and Magnesium should be taken in combination with D3
Sarah - Thanks everyone! Need to look into it, and will speak to my GP whenever I next have to go for som... More Ā»
Pat - vit d3 I have had psoriasis since I was 5 years when I lived in florida I used to sit in the s... More Ā»
Mishlyn - Sarah, you have inspired me to make an instagram account as well! Thank you! Love your dishes! Th... More Ā»
Rita - I already had an Instagram account (not used too often) so Iā€™m now following you both Sarah and M... More Ā»
Michelle - And so will I. I have one but never posted anything on there. Not even sure how it works
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