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Clint - You are a super trooper Sarah 😲
Julia - That is really great Sarah
Mishlyn - So good to hear Sarah!! You are an amazing detective!!
denise - Yes - definitely worse at night
john,Hulk - I rarely itch, the odd scratch but no different than a none psoriatic really, or i dont know when... More »
Gabriela - All the time .. to the point that I can’t sleep. I’ve been trying to use meditation apps at night... More »
James - Cold porridge
Sarah - Ah yes I can visualise all of those and totally see what you all mean! I've got a bowl of cold po... More »
Susan - Sarah you are funny. Yeah a tree comparison is nice. Out in nature, until you get chopped down ... More »
john,Hulk - Ha ha thats great Michelle,i like that one :) :)
Sarah - Ahhhaha John and Michelle, that is hilarious. Would love to transport somewhere and leave the fla... More »
Susan - Sarah energizing has never been an issue. I'm wired to have energy. My life lesson/journey has ... More »
Madmum007 - oh Sarah, coconut oil will be on my scalp tonight as well !!! must be the evening for scalps :)
Mishlyn - Fantastic Sarah! You should throw a bit of your lavender oil in with some and see how it is 😊
Sarah - Great idea Michelle! Although I am scared to try it in case it aggravates... I'm always like that... More »
Nicola - I have never tried medication for psoriasis, just use my shampoo and have a free day following it... More »
Nicola - wow that is brilliant, my nails keep breaking downwards where the ridges are.
Sarah - Arghh Nicola, yes that's what mine had been doing until suddenly voila! That's not to say it will... More »
Michelle - I agree with Mavis. A tough one indeed. We can't just walk up to her and ask her bluntly as she m... More »
rachel - Like Michelle, I think if you were speaking to her and perhaps had some P on show or started talk... More »
Susan - Sarah I tend to be outgoing. If I see someone with psoriasis I will just strike up a conversatio... More »
Karin - Great, I will try them both as prevention, never thought of it before! Homer Simpson has a word ... More »
Linda - Thank you! That is encouraging!
Elaine - Wow--what awesome suggestions from so many friends!!!! This is why I LOVE this site!!!! I belie... More »
Justin - I use prescription shampoo and Neutrogena T-Gel shampoo combined with prescription scalp applicat... More »
Susan - Awww Sarah. Sorry to hear that. Well, you know I don't have dairy. Actually because it's been ... More »
Sarah - It's weird Susan I realised I don't really miss dairy that much now that I can have it again in m... More »
Sarah - Hehe love that response Susan. Very true indeed. I do think attraction and love are very differen... More »
natalie - Brilliant susan
sandy - my problem too. I'm just scared to reveal or open up myself, just scared that they will run away ... More »
Mishlyn - Beautiful Sarah!! Good for you!! I hope you have a wonderful time!
Sarah - Yessss! Whole day! No cover ups. Only a tad of self consciousness. But I soldiered on through. On... More »
Fran - Proof positive that a winning smile and friendly attitude will distract most people from your pso... More »
Sarah - The playsuit arrived and it fits! So it is on for the weekend at a large family event! I am mid f... More »
Jen - Happy 'playing' Sarah. Let it all hang out and show them all. Enjoy! You deserve it.
Sarah - Hehe thank Jen, I've put it on, I'm travelling to my family event right now, all hanging out as y... More »
Linda - So hard on mom when the children have to cope with these issues but hang in there hives will go q... More »
Sarah - The hives have gone now and he seems back to normal! Just leaves me wondering what the allergy wa... More »
Connie - It's so difficult when our kids go through things like that. I pray that's the 1st & last time he... More »
Dan - For me it is itchiness -> red -> flakes, and that usually takes place over about 2 days. Is that... More »
Fran - Intense itching for about 3 days, bumps come up and the itching shreds the skin and everything is... More »
Sarah - Argh yes so this cycle is familiar to us all! Dan, yes that is the same timeline for me although ... More »
Sarah - Yesss Susan, a kindred spirit! How is your AIP going for you? Thank you everyone, a big milestone... More »
James - When my brothers and I were kids my dad would pick rhubarb from the garden, trim and wash it then... More »
Sarah - I used to do that too James! With my Dad!
SiennaD - When home from school all i get is weird looks from little kids and stuff lol
Daniel - my girl calls them my einas
Bev - Ha ha Daniel I don't think the Non South Africans know the word Eina it means his sores n Afrikaans
Susan - Yum! Sarah you are on diligent girl! Sooo proud of your for sticking with it and inspiring us all!
Linda - Thank you Sarah,I appreciate it!
Sarah - Thank you Susan! It was you who inspired me to get the "spark" to do it. I couldn't have done it ... More »
Sarah - This is going to take some logistics for me to sort out, got to get my mirror angles right! And m... More »
Linda - I have it behind one ear now. It started out a little sore, but when the itching and flaking sta... More »
Clint - Lemon 🍋
Michelle - There were so many spiderman movies already I can't keep track. I love avengers. I'm not a big fa... More »
john,Hulk - Spiderman Spiderman does what ever a spider can,Bugs bunny?i used to watch the wonder woman seri... More »
SiennaD - Well done I’m so happy for you x
Meryl - Always use nail glue if you are using glue as it is formulated to break down unlike superglue :) ... More »
Shawn - Nail glue
Sarah - That is such awesome information Meryl, thank you very much! So helpful from someone who knows so... More »
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