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Michelle - Well done Angela. If only the Derm's told all of us to check our diets years ago then maybe we co... More »
Susan - Sarah 2 coffee in the morning, 2 cups water in my protein shake in the morning, 1 package of my m... More »
Michelle - Lol Susan. You must have a water belly by now. That is a lot of water! Have a glass of wine in be... More »
Michelle - lint brushes (the sticky kind) help me get the stubborn areas :)
Sarah - Lint brushes are a great idea... and I hoover the flakes too when I have flare ups. The troubleso... More »
Susan - Maybe try one of those sticky rollers for furniture Sarah. I use them at one of the cleaning hom... More »
Sarah - It has taken me so many years to understand this about my psoriasis reactions! Isn't it crazy wha... More »
Michelle - I agree Sarah and now I know why my body rejected all that food for so many years. My P is talkin... More »
Jen - Yeah same for me Sarah. I'm getting so sad about all this. Sometimes I'm so angry when it's time... More »
Sarah - I use Aveeno Cream for my most stubborn plaques (knees and elbows) Michelle. It is the thickest p... More »
Susan - I did have baths with oatmeal but not much of a notice for me if I remember back then. I do like... More »
Danielle - Oatmeal baths are amazing especially when my skin is dry burning
Susan - Enjoy your new cut Sarah. I just got mine done yesterday too. My sneaky hairdresser has slowly ... More »
Keith - Oh my goodness...haircut is a stressful day for me. I've got patches behind ears and on neckline ... More »
Sarah - Oh Keith and Virginia, yes it is really tough... That's so reassuring Ruben and Stacey! Justin, I... More »
Luis - Iam sorry we in California
natalie - I'm in Ireland aswell karena I don't think that would happen in any pool.. hearing your story as ... More »
Sarah - Yes I think a few Flaymers have been kicked out of pools by lifeguards! It is a real shame, and s... More »
Sarah - Md, I eat all meats and fish, and a limited number of eggs as I am just reintroducing them. Maybe... More »
Md - Hi Sarah, do you take any prescription medicine ?
Sarah - I don't Md. Not for around 9 months now.
agb - Coffee ☕️
Catherine - Oh ..yes !!! Definitely I'd need Coffee 😊
GITTL - ora creme baby diaper rash creme actually stops the itch / burn immediately it's an Isra... More »
Catherine - Morning Sarah 😊 until now I've tried to cover up as much as possible ...but this last week I've ... More »
Sarah - That is amazing to hear of most of you airing your psoriasis! The more we do it the more normal i... More »
Connie - I do not cover up at all, if they can stand the way I look it is their problem not mine.
rachel - I get heel pain now but don't recall before the P.
Jane - The first thing I noticed before psoriasiswas sting on feet and lower legs. It was just like fire... More »
Sarah - Yes I think mine would fit that description in my heels Jane... how unusual
Deleted account - My Mom just got back from a Caribbean cruise and went to an Aloe farm and she picked up some crea... More »
Justin - I suggest again Coconut Oil - it is truly amazing! I purchase mine incredibly inexpensively, f... More »
Susan - I don't use sunscreen anymore except a bit on my face that is not really a brand. Did you know t... More »
Sarah - Thanks all! I bought it when I was in the mode of "chuck everything possible at my psoriasis", an... More »
lisa - I took vit d for a few days..cant seem to take vitamins without having tummy pain..deffo heard it... More »
Jane - Sarah, I take it year round.
Ellen - Don't worry James my P under my foot & in my toenails looks like foot fungus.... thats the joys o... More »
James - Oh don't I know it, when I look at my feet I sometimes think I have Hobbit blood in my veins.
Sarah - Hehe! Salad and fungus in one place is not a fun image 😆😆😆 I have had the toenail fungus too but ... More »
Bev - Justin I've never heard of wearing the travel wrist bands before. I suffer with insomnia so I jus... More »
Patricia - I have bad insomnia due to my scalp p and itches very badley had injections steroid shots didn't wrk
Sarah - Ah no patty, yes the itch has kept me awake before. It's very distracting... Do you have a next o... More »
Michelle - Oh no, sorry to hear that Sarah. I hope you are feeling better soon. I also notice my skin flares... More »
Clint - Sarah I used head and shoulders but would dab alcohol on spots on head haven't had any signs on m... More »
Sarah - Awww thanks Flaym lovelies! Not just me who gets flare ups with onset of illness then... notice i... More »
Sarah - Oh yes Paul. In March last year I was at 80% coverage, and now I haven't got it measured by a der... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - thats great sarah :)
Bev - So happy for you Sarah. Well done on reducing your P 🤗
natalie - i find sleepers dont irritate my ears as much.
Susan - Sarah I don't have it anymore but I still have to clean my earrings and butterfly clasps. I thin... More »
natalie - i use it on my body aswell. i feel lyk if i cook with it tho all my food will taste lyk coconut..... More »
Ruben - Coconut rules :)
Ruben - Except when they fall on your head of course...
Sarah - Catherine, thank you! I am massively high energy (both a good and bad thing!), and unfortunately ... More »
Susan - Gorgeous babes john. Haha... Sarah I have often been called the energizer bunny, as well as ... More »
Sarah - Thank you Susan, that is great to hear. I think some people are just wired that way! And some are... More »
Bev - Welcome Elaine and Vickie to the Flaym family. Go onto the theme site and you will find helpful t... More »
Susan - Welcome Elaine and Vickie. Fun and informative family this Flaym lot is...
Elaine - Thank you Bev and Susan!!! I'm sorry I haven't been able to respond quickly. My job is very dem... More »
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