Steven @scooby

Manchester, UK

I’m caring sharing and understanding of others!!! I have a Dog called Scooby who’s been amazing in my life. Loves unconditional


deborah - Lemon is fantastic, but don't use it and then go in the sun. It makes you very photosensitive.
Sarah - Oo nice one Steven! Make the most of it!
Steven - Thanks will do. Going to the lakes then to London on river boat for a week. Can’t wait
Michelle - That sounds very nice you lucky fish! Enjoy and think of us Flaymers working hard from 8-5
Sarah - Hi Steven, great to see your post and "welcome"! There are so many things talked about here to do... More »
Steven - Thanks Sarah for you reply. I will look for that. Only just sat down to read my post as jobs st... More »
Steven - Been on the themes page Sarah. Getting lots of insights to my condition. 😀😀
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