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Indianapolis, IN, United States

I hope that one day - in my lifetime, there is a cure for this disorder.


Mishlyn - Hey NS! Happy to hear your skin is in a good place and your holding gratitude high! Moments are ... More »
Sarah - Great to hear! Yay a positive result! What a great outlook...
john,Hulk - Good for you ns, so pleased that your skin is not bad, we all would rather not have it of course ... More »
Sarah - Hi NS, I haven't specifically seen alkaline diet discussed here prior to the recent post. But I'v... More »
NS - continuing the acidic v alkaline topic....i have tested myself for several days now, and it is in... More »
Susan - NS good for you. The way you will be eating is pretty much how I eat all the time. Good luck to... More »
Maggiec645 - Hi NR, I would think pretty quickly regarding intestinal problems but I don't know about the ps... More »
Maggiec645 - Sorry meant NS. I am alittle out of sorts today...
Deleted account - The dog who chases two rabbits goes hungry
john,Hulk - hello ns. that is great welcome back :)
Sarah - Amazing NS! Great to hear of a positive change. And yes mysteries of p are plentiful! But somethi... More »
Carol - You're not wrong. No matter what you do, it will come and go without prompting of any kind.
Deleted account - Just read an interesting article about this that says it has been detected in Egyptian mummies!
john,Hulk - yes i have read the same thing victor about egyption mummys ,,my mummy had it though shes not egy... More »
Deleted account - Interesting that it used to be considered a form of leprosy until quite modern times! No wonde... More »
john,Hulk - great post ns yes its true , we all have our rubbish to go through with this but, we can talk to ... More »
Sarah - Love this post! Hope is the very reason many of us found Flaym, and brought us all together. Psor... More »
Mishlyn - Absolutely NS. Very wonderful indeed! Well said!!!😊 Have faith One step a day and Positive ... More »
Mishlyn - That is fantastic NS!! Happy to hear it! 😃
Sarah - Brilliant news NS! Keep going with it 😊
Leasha - Dr axe is awesome love him,he is a blessing from God for every one and everything
Mishlyn - Good question NS! I'm not sure myself but I would guess it to be more prevalent. However, I wi... More »
Deleted account - world health org has a report , tracking numbers is difficult but they feel it's on the rise f... More »
NS - clearly, psoriasis dictates a mental attitude, even in some cases to the place of depression. th... More »
James - I've been reading about research being done that points to your gut bacteria as a possible cause ... More »
john,Hulk - i knew of some one here who has had that treatment,its a miracle they said,they said to me to loo... More »
NS - in regard to gut bacteria, today (for the first time), it was suggested to me to try yogurt. any... More »
Lynn - Yes!! My doctor had said to me: I can cure/treat skin cancer faster than I can cure/treat your Ps... More »
Sarah - Lynn that is shocking isn't it!
Ingrid - I live in South Africa - the sun works well. We all need direct exposure to sunlight at least 20 ... More »
john,Hulk - hello ns, i know what you mean,i am on spot watch at the moment have been for months, it clears t... More »
Sarah - Yes I sometimes think this too NS. Now, when I've found something that helps, eg a good moisturis... More »
Brian - Hot and humid really bother my P
Mishlyn - Great question NS! I'm quite interested in finding this out also. Perhaps we can conduct a little... More »
john,Hulk - hello ns, mines good if not too hot and sweaty in the sun say morning and late afternoon i find t... More »
Mike - Why Work Out Exercise is good for your immune system, and it helps fight inflammation in your ... More »
Mike - Olympic Swimmer Dara Torres Has Psoriasis
NS - are there any studies available detailing demographics or climate in regard to psoriasis ? spec... More »
john,Hulk - mine has gott better with age like a fine wine ns though, thats bad dont drink that haha :)
john,Hulk - i had it bad as a child which is common for a lot of people, i had a lot of stresses at that time... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, NS. You're in the right place with us!
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