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Kidderminster, United Kingdom


Susan - Never tried it Shane. But I'm happy that it is helping you.
Sarah - I did hear about this Shane, thanks for sharing your progress with it! I've never tried but sound... More »
Shane - Yeah I used Aveeno prior, this seems much better for me personally. Been using it for about 3 wee... More »
Sarah - My cordless Dyson has got some hammering in the past!
Shane - My car will be the same I'm sure Rachel. Dreading it when get one haha
Shane - Haha they're handy right Sarah !
Shane - Ohhh I've tried aveebk but not actual oatmeal. Will give it a try. Friend suggested oatmeal today... More »
Susan - Shane try not to discard Johns advice. This guy has done tons to get better. Withdrawal from st... More »
Rich - Get it by my nose, use little bit of [...] and clears for a bit..
Deleted account - These "kids" growing into MEN don't get bitten too death.. Sang what program did you watch?
Deleted account - Oh wait, you would rather drink the juice of ant venom then stick your hand into an ant trap and... More »
john,Hulk - theres no way i am jumping into a red ants nest to find out :)
Shane - Definetly not. Yeah we do. Nice to know not the only one ha
Ruby - I find regularly soaking in a warm not hot bath with one or two cups of sea salt and baby oil hel... More »
Bill361 - No alone Major pain .gets worse at night
Jennifer - I've heard good things let us know if it works for you 😊
Shane - I shall do ! Definetly going to give it ago
Marianne - Hi, Shane, I have tried kefir grains and for me, there was no change... I am on a strict vegan di... More »
Suzie - My kids use to call me Mrs Cornflake skin. Never stopped them loving or hugging me. Kids point ou... More »
john,Hulk - thats so true suzie:)
john,Hulk - i found this site on facebook, i was itching to join :)
Shane - I like the pun ;)
john,Hulk - i hope you get good support from your family and friends maybe shane.i dont think one is alone if... More »
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