Shay @shayna

Chicago, IL, United States

FT multidisciplinary artist living in the Midwest. Diagnosed w/seborrheic dermatitis & various types of psoriasis since '02. Let's be friends!


Deleted account - Karin @karinm has just posted how she has got grear results, John @chewbacca and Susan @godcares ... More »
john,Hulk - thank you dave, yes i am shay, if you want help no problem,many of us will help you,glad you are ... More »
Deleted account - none.. i got rid of it by moderate exercise and lots of fluid. Not long workouts but more often .... More »
Fiona - Hi - i find Salcura ( i can never manage to apply it more than once a day) helps with keeping eve... More »
marcia - I too have battled scalp psoriasis for 30+ years, recently found out I'm allergic to several food... More »
russ1894 - hiya Shay. good old eucerin lotion with alphahydroxy, after an evening shower with head and shoul... More »
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