Heather @shedugie

Roseneath, ON, Canada

I'm 67 and a recently retired registered nurse. I love to have fun and laugh


Steve - Been on Bio's for 10+ yrs. nothing to be afraid of, they work for me:) Side effects are none exis... More »
Sarah - Hi Heather! Good luck with your biologic. I don't have experience of taking one, but I hope you h... More »
Heather - Thanks a lot. I will let everyone know.
john,Flakes to beam up - okay thanks heather, hope all goes well with the biologics and hopefully a flake free year for yo... More »
Sarah - Hi Heather, welcome to Flaym! I think if I felt I'd definitely tried everything else I would be l... More »
Heather - Thank you Sarah. It's just so much worse in the cold. Think I'm leaning towards biologics. I'v... More »
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