Sherry @sherry

I live on the southeastern coast of Florida

I'm a wife, a mother, and a grandmother. I am here to show support to y'all as well as to receive support. I will NOT respond to any private messages from people I don't know.


Sherry - Sorry I haven't written a response to all Of you. My hubby is doing okay for the present... I !j... More »
Jenny - You are lucky to have a good husband. Glad he's doing well. Look after yourself
Nan195 - 🙏for your hubbie Sherry ❤️🌹
michael - Hi Sherry.I hope you had no flare ups when away
Janice - Welcome back Sherry, so good to know that you were safe.
Suzanne - Nice to meet you
Deleted account - Sorry to hear that Sharon, but like Janice says, plenty of water, keep it moisturised, try to sta... More »
Kim - Sorry to hear that Sherry. I wish you well.
Mavis - Sorry to hear this!! Hang in there.
Sherry - Is there a list of foods to watch out for when you are a psoriasis patient? I haven't found one,... More »
john,Hulk - hello kim, a combination of dairy ie butter and peanuts,not a good combo for p, walnuts I eat, my... More »
Kim - Thanks John. Walnuts it is!
Sherry - Thank you Cindy.
Kim - Wish you better.
Mickg48 - Hi Sherry sorry to hear your having so many probs actually I love food shopping as I do most of t... More »
Cheryl - Good luck Sherry :)
Sherry - Thanks Cheryl!!
Susan - Man, that was the worst part for me. The itching... I used to have it under my fingernails as w... More »
George - Hello Sharon I was going to write you a message the other day to thank you for the warm welcome ... More »
Mary - I tried staying off potatoes, tomatoes ,peppers for a month as I have psoriatic arthritis but no ... More »
Mary - I read an article on the internet that avoiding night shades (potatoes, tomatoes peppers ) was su... More »
Sherry - Stress started mine to begin with.... let's just say a nasty neighbor started it all!! I now try... More »
cheryl - Adrian I work in Mental health with depressed suicidal teenagers, my job doesnt affect my psorais... More »
valerie - true, easier said than done!.....i know tomatoes are a trigger food for me.....not sure why thoug... More »
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