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I didn't realise how much having psoriasis actually affected me till it started clearing...


Sid - That’s all we really need, right? Clear skin, sunny days and the ability to enjoy them without pe... More »
john,Hulk - Correct, dont give up, Happy days Sid :)
RIAZ - Well done dude. Yes, that's all we want.
Sid - @Max, we're not allowed to publicise medicine names but send me a DM and I can let you know.
Deleted account - whats a DM, I would like to know what you using. thanks
Sid - @Rani, in the top corner there's a little envelope - send me a private (or direct) message via th... More »
Michelle - lol James. That is so funny. You start melting when it gets more than 10 degrees. We start freez... More »
RIAZ - M is good, but cannot be sustained and once you get off it, it gets 100 times worse. SID, can I a... More »
Sid - @Riaz - I'm not sure we're meant to be naming medical products here, so ping me a DM and I'll let... More »
Erica - It is the best feeling in the word. Wishing you best of luck with your treatment.
Michelle - Sid, does one get the bio quarterly? or do you get it on a permanent basis? Every month? For how ... More »
Sid - Right now, I’ve had the first 3 dosages funded so my specialist will need to apply for further fu... More »
Kim - Good news Sid.
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