Sid @sid2

San Antonio, TX, United States

I'm in school, working full-time and still trying to balance my marriage/personal life while coping with psoriasis.


Mishlyn - That is great to hear Angie :) It sounds so relaxing just thinking about it! Lol. Do you find it... More »
Angie - No... it did not do much for the inflammation. It is very relaxing and my skin was super soft. At... More »
luisa - I hope this works for you. Keep us posted 😀
Mishlyn - I agree, the less damage we can do to the underlying skin the better. Best to have a good oil to ... More »
john,Hulk - no, you can aggrivate it more, make it bleed and sore,like as james has said, soften first then m... More »
Sarah - Hey Sid, great to hear that you're healing some from your biologics. Me personally, I don't inter... More »
RedSpotEliminator - I've incorporated lots of fruits and veggies into my diet and I find that it works wonders. Try ... More »
Sarah - Hey Sid, lots of us experiment with diet to find something that helps calm our p down. For me I s... More »
Lee - What is Biologics ? If it helps I would try it , I've tried everything else I think . The itching... More »
Sarah - Hi Sid, really glad to hear a good report about some positive results! Seems some of our Flaym me... More »
Sid - Lee, biologics are injectable medications that basically supress your overactive immune system. I... More »
Sid - I'm having trouble dealing with the stress of continuing working through our marriage problems pl... More »
Chalkie - Keep your chin up sid when your feeling stressed go for a jog or a walk take your self off and ha... More »
Timo - You couldn't be more correct about the stress triggers. I've recently readjusted my life reduce ... More »
Sarah - Hi Sid, welcome to Flaym! Good for you finding a new treatment option. Yes there are members here... More »
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