SimonLFC1976 @simonlfc1976

Walsall, West Midlands, United Kingdom

Since being forced to leave my role in Ghostbusters after complaints by the World Marshmallow Protection League, I have started my own business running 3 websites, concentrating on marketing, b2b promotion, positivity and act/venue sponsorship.


Susan - Hi Simon... Good to meet you. I hope you can find relief. I post all the time about life style ... More »
Susan - Simon good for you. Sugar is probably the issue in my non doctor opinion... LOL. Juice is sugar... More »
Gyanendra - Yaa Simon you are right. My Ayurveda Dr told me stop all dairy product instead of Cow Ghee and st... More »
Kim - Hi Simon. I had PUVA many years ago. I am one of those that got the full range of bad after effec... More »
elsabie - Hi Simon , this is the only treatment I use .... I used most medications for many years and the n... More »
Harold - I'd been on the PUVA bus about 16 years ago. It worked well for the first course but after that, ... More »
georgette - New here still fumbling around not sure how to inbox you please send me info also
Joanna - Hi Simon. Sorry to hear you've had a rough time if it. Send me info on your website.
Kim - Hi Simon. Are any of your trips going to the Dead Sea?
Jullie - Hi Simon. Where would you start?
Lela - That would be nice Simon
Lynn - Could I get the information for your website?
Pooja - Welcome
john, DARTS VADER - welcome to flaym simon,glad you are hopeful :)
Janice - Welcome to the group Simon.
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